Samsung Galaxy s6 vs. Apple iPhone 6s : What to Expect

The Apple iPhone 6 fans are partying hard and showing off the celebration in style. However, the neutral geeks are quite steady as usual as they are waiting for the next half of the movie, till the release of Samsung Galaxy S6, which is said to have been made strategically for answering Cupertino. On the other hand, though in near past only Apple unveiled two of its grand devices the iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, still the ever rotating rumour mills and ever excited fans have found something new to get obsessed about. Yes, we are talking of the iPhone 6S.

Samsung Galaxy s6 vs. Apple iPhone 6s
Samsung Galaxy s6 vs. Apple iPhone 6s

Galaxy S6: Display

To start with Galaxy S6 from the South Korean giant, maximum possibilities hold that the next product will put its wraps off in the mega technology event, Mobile World Congress 2015.S6 is reportedly going to boast a metal frame which will be something different as the S line-up devices are traditionally known to be packing plastic body. News is coming that the device may be having a curved appearance of its display. Obviously it will be having a bigger display as of iPhone 6 with a size of about 5.5 inches AMOLED having 4k resolutions.

Galaxy S6: Processor and Platforms

Many were claiming it to might come with Tizen platform, but there is very narrow chance available for it. If nothing unusual happens the device will come along Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. Making it a super performer, the South Korean giant is expected to be running with Qualcomm Snapdragon 808, or Snapdragon 810 64 bit processor. Gaming will be livelier this time with the Adreno 430 graphics unit will be there for best quality.

Galaxy S6: Camera and Storage, Price. Etc:

In terms of snapper, the product is expected to be carrying a 20 MP option at the main end along Optical Image stabilization. To deal nicely with these high-end specs the product is expected to be coming with a much powerful battery. Samsung S series devices tease hard to the iPhone counterparts with their overloading storage option, and this time it is going to be even more. And, you can expand it through microSD slots even more.

Stuffs like fingerprint detector, water resistive/dust resistive nature are quite obvious to have this time. Talking of the price, though nothing has been made confirmed, still it is expected to be a device worth at least £600.

Apple iPhone 6S: Platform and Availability

The fact that we are talking of iPhone 6s now, despite the last two releases were quite high-end and just about a couple of months old reveals itself about the anxiousness of the fans. Compilations like super efficient 64 bit A9 processor, and Ios9 platforms make it a hot topic for freaks. Though nothing has been made official regarding its availability, still after so many observations we should be able to justify our guess up to many extents.

Traditionally, Apple brings something new during September and October, and we should expect soothing similar in 2015 as well. Anyway, there are also other sources those claim the product may hit during spring, 2015. Making the news solidified the report has to say that Apple is interested in going with a 2 products release in a year strategy to drag more attentions and making fans busy.

A9 chip production is on:

Good news for the fans that the production cycle for the latest A9 chipset has been initiated in a hurry. However, the mouth opening and eyebrow squeezing news that coming is, Samsung has taken the complete responsibility of the chip production. The A9 chip is going to be even smaller than A8 made with the 14nm FinFet technology making it less power consuming. No clearances have been yet made regarding the rotating speed.

iPhone 6S or iPhone 7

Apple thinks their products are already in a good shape, and hence the 4.7 inches, 6.9 mm size is going to repeat this time as well, as per the rumour mills. Some are even claiming that it will be called iPhone 7, but it looks less likely after looking at the biannual pattern products like iPhone 5, 5s, etc.

Coming to the iPhone 6S Specs, no room for lacks is allowed, and Cupertino knows it. Especially, prior relaxing a bit it will certainly think of Galaxy s6 at least. However, many impression building parts are already there like A9 chipset making the device a thorough performer and with more mileage.

Camera with Exmor Sensor:

Reportedly, the product will be provided with 8 MP iSight snapper again that was seen with iPhone 6. Making it more exciting for the fans, the buzz is that there will be 20.7 MP Exmor sensors made native with the device. The Exmor Sensor, also known as IMX230 is manufactured by Sony and the Xperia Z4 users will be reportedly blessed with this.

Through the process, the users can now certain of some excellent DSLR level snap from the devices. In addition, the A 192 point autofocus will be there for best measurement. Adding more fuel to the claim an Apple patent has appeared that says about company’s plan for a flexible lens camera for its upcoming devices. In short, the fans are having every reason to be stay-tuned; at least those want a best snapper always with their devices.

iPhone 6S Probable Price

These are Apple device; hence discard any hope of lighter price tags. To guess about iPhone 6s price, we must first take iPhone 6 into consideration. The highest price for the iPhone 6 was  £699 for its 128 GB edition. Now, iPhone 6s, which is certainly going to be a better device in comparison, holds many possibilities to carry a bulkier price tag. In fact, the company must be hoping some return for its improved snapper and processors.


Bringing both devices for a face-off, we have a huge fan base at one side, and stunning features sets at the other. Frankly, S6 is going to offer you a much better compilation of specs at a lot lesser price tag. On the other hand, Apple products are known for their finishing touch and creativity. In short, if you want to take the full out of your money, not someone who has fantasies of Smartphones, then S6 from Samsung can be a better deal.

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