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If you make listening and observation your occupation you will gain much more than you can by talk –

Sir Robert Baden-Powell

Get a Buzz out of life

People are busy today so being a part time Leader can be an excellent way to enrich your lifestyle.

A volunteering position that gives satisfaction, recognized qualifications, loads of fun, improved ways to connect with children, social interaction, broader interests and new challenges. Depending on what you like you can choose more outdoors adventure of the older sections or the young adorable Joey section.

Leaders are the backbone of our Scout Group function best with support from helpers. So talk to our leaders about what you like and let us help you find a position that helps both you and scouting for kids.

Call our Scout hotline on 045 130 2626 we have staff waiting to discuss scouting options with you.

Scout Section – Last two nights – only Awesome

The good people at Anaconda had organised some excellent activities. A short talk on lite hiking gear and how to pack, a flit through some first aid, a bit of fun with bandaids and up the tall wall for ROCK CLIMBING. Ryan made a good spider man impression going up and going down. Our scouts where quite patient and kept attentive, asking some good questions, so the Anaconda people gave them some goodies to remember the night by.  I just heard good comments after the night’s outing, so I guess it was a hit. It was a good way to finish the second last night of an awesome year. Thurs 25/11/10.

Now the Troop Council had decided on a disco for the last night, making the theme 60s to 80s dressup.  So complete with disco ball, coloured lights and music, plus food – it was on.

Some presentations were made to celebrate the end of the year and gifts handed out to the scouts.

We missed Taylor, who has left to live in Melbourne – Good Hunting Taylor.

And we had a send off for Galah and Andrew, who are going to the UK.  A very fine family that has been an awesome help this year. Fiona recieved a bunch of roses that were as big as the scout presenting them.

Well that wraps up the 2010 for Scout Section … almost.

Psst, isn’t there a blue explorer hike & camp being prepared for about mid-January?

Joeys Share

Joey Scouts’ theme is Caring and Sharing. They can earn a badge, have some fun and HOP (help other people). Joey’s do much more than just have fun, make amazing craft, and have truly fantastic adventures. If your 6 to 7 year old wants to start on a path outside TV, video, electronic games and other artificial pacifiers – well contact us. Scouts is about more in life.

2010 Draws to a Close

Youth Activity Camp – All Sections

FUN, EXCITEMENT and ADVENTURE – Youth Activity Camp (YAC)

So what did you think of the Youth Activity Camp? Well if you weren’t there then – I’m so sorry; so sorry; so sorry; because you missed an absolutely awesome weekend.

Nestled on the edge of lush forest is the Provadore, built in the fifties this historic building became the base for Scout, Cub and Joey Sections of Underwood Scout Group. In different groups they spread around BP Park for various adventurous activities, including Abseiling, Monster Pedal Karts, Rescue in the Dam, Disabled Exploration, Speed Obsticle Course and Water Rockets. Interspersed was some interesting, although less energetic parts, where we all learnt more about that excellent soldier Baden Powell, and created screen prints on our T-shirts. Our friend Shane of the Royal Lifesaving Society showed us some neat tricks to safely save people, because what’s the point of being brave if you can’t be around to have your photo taken . Danika and Bridgette represented our group at the Youth Forum putting forward suggestions for improvements like “Cooper would have liked more Abseiling”.

Some of the heroes on our weekend were Steve, Karen and Gokhan, who kept us fuelled with tasty meals and stacked us up with fruity snacks for energy. These wonderful parent helpers kept the wheels turning at the Provadore, while we went in pursuit of fun. They could be seen joining in, when duty permitted. Queensland Branch should be applauded for the fantastic organisation of Kerry and the Youth Activity Team, that made these activities possible for Underwood and about six other groups over the weekend. Special mention to Brent, who is always a pleasure to see, having started at Underwood as a Joey and has just received his Woodbadge recently. He is part of the excellent Abseiling Group that was so popular with drops of 6 metres, 12m and the big kahuna of 18m straight down.

The Underwood Leaders looked at the kids at the end of the camp and could not help but speculate on whether many of them would make the front gate before happily drifting of to dreamland out of extreme pleasurable exhaustion.

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