Search Inside Yourself

Earlier today I was reading the book Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Meng Tan. Chade was one of the early engineers at Google (number 109) who in recent years has become some what of a celebrity at Google due to his good hearted nature and desire to promote happiness across the world.

While reading his book I came across a section titled Optimize Thyself which immediately clicked with me. Currently I’m a Dual Degree student at Cornell University studying Operations Research in Engineering and Psychology in Arts and Sciences. I have a huge interest in personal development and am also interested in developing strong technical skills so I was very happy to find Chade who seems to have a similar approach to me towards issues of personal growth.

What you are reading here is the result of my recent inspiration to explore the idea of optimizing life in greater detail. Using Chade’s book as a blueprint to start out with, I’m intending to explore a range of personal development topics from a scientific and technical perspective.

Initially this blog will follow my progress as I attempt to tackle some personal goals. But eventually I’m hoping that this blog will also contain a large archive of interviews with experts in positive psychology, optimization, nutrition, exercise and other fields related to getting the best from life.

I’m glad you’ve made it here and I look forward to updating you about this journey!

In case your interested I’ve included a link to one of Chade’s talks at Google to give you a better understanding of what he is about.

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