What are the Best Security Practices For Cloud Computing?

When it comes to cloud computing which is driving the modern businesses soul, security is the biggest concern. Every day we hear news of cyber attack causing data and money loss. Why do we need security? Let’s explore it.

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The Requirement for Security:

Security is the biggest priority of an organization. A survey reveals that security breaches in organizational infrastructure will hit $6 trillion per year by the end of 2021. This figure was limited to the $3 trillion per year by 2015.

Another report by Gartner reveals that the worldwide spending over the cloud security services will increase drastically around $1 trillion per year. It was recorded $86.4 billion in the year 2017.

Cloud computing offers on-demand services to fulfill every organizational need.

Whether it’s about the need for infrastructure, platform, storage, testing, network, or applications to implement a business plan.  To understand the structure of security in these cloud resources you need to understand where it all begins. Cloud has three service models and they all require different security concerns while dealing with them.

Public Cloud:

In public cloud computing model, the cloud vendors are responsible for managing all the resources you are using.  They deal with identity or access management, secure authentications, updates, and other security-related concerns. The cloud service providers try to achieve maximized security for their products as well as infrastructure so that you can use them smoothly.

They offer varieties of solutions such as data backup and recovery, migration, three-layer authentications etc., to keep all resources and data secure. Big giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft spent a significant amount on manpower and technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning etc., for driving innovations towards the development of security services.

With this advancement in technologies, hackers are also leveraging the best from it to create more powerful attacking algorithms. Attacks like Ransomware, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), malware etc., are already very common and have destroyed millions in the past few years.

Private Cloud

A private cloud service model is completely dedicated to a particular organization keeping their resources private. But, they are also vulnerable to the cyber attacks which have become common these days. A tiny peephole in the security plan can bring you down.

Hybrid Cloud:

A hybrid cloud model is the most famous and secure approach for running a business on large scale. Most of the organizations are happily adopting this model where they can use both public and the private models with more controls over their data and resources. The scalable public cloud feature and secure private cloud resources have the potential to handle large workloads securely. But here the primary concern is Are we still secure?

Well, no one has the exact idea until you are not completely prepared. This journey has multiple milestones and it starts with proper planning and its implementation.

Define your Objective:

Before jumping towards the adoption of unlimited cloud computing services, define what is your main motive behind their use? Once you understand what you want to achieve you can derive those parts into chunks and look for the best security solutions where they fit accurate.

Planning and Implementation:

As you understand your objective, it’s time to put all this on work. Create a well-defined plan and implement in all sensitive areas of your business which are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Use the historical and trending data to make accurate strategies for strengthening your business wall. And, most importantly, their implementation in organizational work culture and premises is necessary.

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Distinguish data:

The most critical part of an organization is data. Data from the customers, surveys, finance, retail, and various other sources which are responsible for driving business. Now, since you are planning to leverage cloud computing technology to streamline these operations, you must understand the importance of data. Thus, you can control them securely running all operations efficiently.

Try to categorize data according to their priority and importance for your business. You can keep them in a highly secure environment achieving maximized security independent of the fact that whether it’s public or private. Data requires special attention for security so its compulsory allocate the company’s resources on a priority basis.

Monitoring and Control:

Divide all attack prone areas into segments and watch them carefully. You can leverage various available services to monitor all the incoming and outgoing traffic on your server. Also, you can monitor each activity and create a log so that you can understand which portion of your business needs improvement.

Security Awareness Programs:

Conducting security awareness programs makes you and all your employees understand what are do’s and don’ts. They all need to know how to keep their data secure in physical as well as the logical environment. An AWS Cloud Certification can also be helpful visualizing the architecture, development, and other focused areas of the cloud so that you can create the most effective plan with a clear understanding of the whole cloud architecture.

IMS Role:

Identity and access management lets you provide control to the resources. You can assign a particular area to the responsible person for it and teach them how to stay alert about the security.

Virtual Private Network:

Define all the security protocols inside your private network so that you can keep all your information secure. You can define various rules under your firewall and manage who can access it. You can add security layers in file transfer, HTTP and many other protocols for accessing server of the company.

Encryption and Cloning:

Try to encrypt all your passwords and data with powerful encryption algorithms so that no outsider can misuse them even after acquiring it. Also, keeping multiple copies of data in different availability zones makes it more secure as you can recover it in the case of the data breach.

Thus, we can see security is a challenging task but a not impossible one. You can also use varieties of a solution such as security vendor services, applications, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), or hire security professionals to give your best.  


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