Simple Trick To Send Phonepe Cashback into Bank

PhopePe, nowadays offering a lot of great deals and offers. Many of them are cashback related, but unfortunately we can’t send the cashback amount into our bank account, but there are some loopholes through which we can transfer the cashback amount to our bank account easily.

Just follow the step-by-step instruction in this post:

  1. Select a recharge amount that is greater than that of your Cashback, and Fill the wrong details of Mobile No.
  2. And Pay that extra money from your bank or Debit/Credit card (For example Cashback amount is 110, recharge amount should be more than 110 that can be 111 /112 .. And pay that extra 1/2.. rupees from your bank account )
  3. After some time recharge will be failed and money will be credited into your PhonePe Wallet and you can transfer that amount into your bank account.
 TaDa! Your PhonePe cashback money is now transferable which means you can transfer the cashback money into your bank just by sliding.

Aly Chiman

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