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Smart Volume Control Plus v ARAHAN APK – Android Game Download Post Date : 04-Jul-2013

Fully customizable profiles are the basis of SVC+. You can switch them manually, using smart scheduling, or according to your location. Also, you get the ultimate Speed Volume mode,

mode and many more cool features.

PROFILES BY TIMERS Are you tired of adjusting volumes ? With SVC+ you can

of profiles using timers.

Are you sick of muting

at night, restoring it in the morning, or even turning WiFi or Mobile data on and off? Smart scheduling in SVC+ can do it for you.

PROFILES BY LOCATIONS Add your favorite places and let the application switch profiles according to your current location. It is easy, just drag and drop the pin on the map, or let the

your current location.

Do you use Bluetooth and Mobile data on your way to work, and then in the office you want to enable WiFi instead? Add both the place you park your car and the location of your office, and let SVC+ to take care of the rest! Everything can be set to fit your specific needs.

PROFILES BY CALENDAR EVENTS Do you have a busy schedule? Let the profiles be switched by the events in your calendar. All you need to do is to add a profile tag to the title or description of the event.

Does your assistant schedule events to your calendar? Don’t waste your time on setting up your phone right before a meeting. Thanks to the tags in the calendar, the assistant will be able to activate a profile that mutes all sounds or even forward all calls to him/her.

The application is compatible with any calendar you use or synchronize to your phone (Gmail,

and more).


to the music in the public transport? Does it bother you that the music is too loud at the bus stop and while driving you barely hear it? Does the constant manual

spoiling your enjoyment of the music? Treat your hearing better with SVC+ and Speed volume mode, which can dynamically adjust volume according to the speed you are moving.

HEADPHONES MODE Do you want to

in the headphones and also be sure, that even if the headphones are accidentally ripped off, you won’t be embarrassed by loud noises of your phone, e.g. in your doctor’s waiting room? Headphones mode ensures that sounds are muted when the headphones are unplugged. Also, it restores volume back once the headphones are plugged again.

SILENT MODE DETECTION Do you wish to take a nap after lunch and don’t want to be disturbed ? SVC+ can detect silent or vibrate mode and offer you an option to automatically

after selected time.

BATTERY LIFE Are you worried about batter life? From the beginning the application was designed to have the smallest energy demands possible. Its consumption has been reduced to a minimum. Also, you can limit or completely disable energy intensive features in the application settings. SUPPORT Application SVC+ was battle tested on all supported versions of Android up to the latest 4.1 . The wide range of test devices was formed by Galaxy Nexus, HTC Desire HD, HTC Hero, Samsung Galaxy Gio and more. It is optimized for tablets too.


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