Could Smartwatches be as Popular as Smartphones?

Hence the smartwatch revolution took place. The smartwatches are an extension to the smartphones which allows you to take calls, text messages, check your SNS integrations and also acts as traditional watches. These watches were expected to be not so best-selling anmd they were not as well, maybe because of the new concept. There were sold about 1.2 million smartwatches while the number of smartphone users is 1.5 billion in the world. Why the distance is so big?

smartwatches vs Smartphones?

Probably because the smartwatches yet don’t have the same potential as the smartphones and also, people don’t know much about them. Could the popularity spike go up like the smartphone within a few years? We would be talking about that in here.

And if you want to buy a smartwatch in India, then we will also cover it. By the end of reading this article you will have an idea about the best deals on buying smartwatch in India.

Perfect Smartwatch – What is the concept?

Of course, the theoretically perfect smartwatch doesn’t exist yet. But if we want to make up an imaginary picture of a smartwatch, then how would it be? What points would make a smartwatch the perfect wearable gadget out there? What do the consumers actually expect?

And hence, this conversation leads us to finding if the smartwatches could outrun smartphones in popularity.


A watch is something that people will wear for a longer period of a day on their wrist, so the design has to be stylish and comfortable at the same time. When it comes to smartwatches, you can actually divide the design into three different parts naming the body, watch face and the strap to strap it to your wrist.

The watch body should be fashionable enough. Some people prefer bulky ones and some people prefer slim; so there should be many design options to pick up. And the design should go well for both casual and formal, and if there’s only one design then it should be decent enough for both type of usage. The size has to be reasonable, you can’t expect a huge chassis guy to wear a ladies’ watch.

Watch face is important although it’s not fixed like traditional watches. You can just swipe to change your watch face but there should be many presets so that everyone finds a solution for themselves. No disappointment to anyone! This would be possible by making the SDK free for the developers so that they can develop their own faces, even some tech geek consumers might be able to develop their own watch faces.

And the watch strap is equally important. The strap should be fashionable, elegant, durable and easily replaceable. Also, strong enough to hold the watch body in place, no one wants to lose their precious smartwatches in croud.


Since these are smartwatches, only looks wouldn’t suffice the money paid for it.

The display, be it a traditional LCD or an e-ink display, should be clear enough to see in all lighting conditions. If they aren’t visible under bright sunlight then the watch wouldn’t sell. Also, the pairing capability with the smartphones has to be effective as well. The watches should have a long range, at least 10 feet, and the pair should be strong enough to not get disconnected in every minute. Also, the battery is an important fact. What’s the point of wearing a watch without any power?


You handle your smartphone with care, but when it’s a smartwatch, expect to physically abuse it a lot. Because no one remembers that they have a watch in their arm and end up hitting it unintentionally. In that case, the smartwatch has to be stronger enough so that it doesn’t break. I might even suggest you to get an apple watch band if you are going for durability…smile.

Like the rest of the world, the popularity of smartwatches is also going up in India. And if you are looking forward to buying a smartwatch in India, then here we are with some suggestions.

The most popular smartwatch award could go to the Sony Smartwatch, as it sells the most. This smartwatch from Sony sells for 6000 Rs. in Flipkart. Motorola MotoActv is another popular smartwatch, although it’s a little old and is discontinued in Flipkart, but you can definitely find it in some other stores.

Wrap Up

So, could the smartwatches be popular like the smartphones? It’s still debatable as the development is still in its initial phase. But given that the smartwatches develop with time and the developers develop tons of app for these gadgets, their popularity will soon reach or even outrun the smartphone popularity.

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