Soundpeats Qy7 Mini Earbuds Review

Audio is already a part of everyone’s lives. Well, you may have known other people who really don’t like audio but there is a small part in them that say that they love having it in their lives. There are some who would like to listen to their favorite songs in the stereo.

While others, they would just like to hear it at their own convenience. Before you turn on your radio, insert a cd in your player and others. It may need some little effort from you. Good to know that listening to audio is already made smooth and easy. Today, it comes handy with Soundpeats Qy7 Earbuds.

Lightweight Earbuds

Enjoy audio at its best with Soundpeats Qy7 Earbuds. It has the following dimensions 2 by 2 by 2 inches with 1.8 ounces in weight. Its creator have used the leading technology in coming up with one of a kind earphones. It is created to match up sporty people who are always on the go on.

These high quality earbuds are sure to give your ears a sounding audio. It is because this has an HD speaker with improved quality of Bass effects. So the melody still lives on when you use this product.

With its PureSound feature, it reduces the white noises on the background and gives out a clear sound experience. It has also a SignalPlus that enables you to hear quality audio even if you us it above or below your waist and only the left/right side of this device. This plus will give you that uninterrupted flow of audio. It has a good onscreen battery that last full day of usage. So you can have a longer play time of hits with Lightweight Wireless earbuds.

The Pros

It has a durable and sweat-proof design.

It has a slim and flexible cord.

It’s very comfortable to use and is lightweight.

High-fidelity stereo audio and clear speech. Enjoy CD quality stereo sound instantly.

Skip-free audio with SignalPlusPureSound In-ear white noise and listener fatigue reduction for a clean audio experience

It enables you to switch from listening audio and answering calls.

Sweat-proof, durable design, Onscreen Battery Meter, Up to 6 hours of Talk/Playing Time and 150 hours Standby Time.

It fits well on your ears.

These lightweight wireless earbuds have longer battery life.

It comes with an affordable price.

The product also comes with extra buds for replacement.

The Cons

The bass could be stronger.

The Bluetooth connection is not that easy to set up.

 The Customer Reviews

The creation of earphones can already be considered a great help for audio lovers. There is no need for you to plug in your stereo when you want to hear your favorite songs. All you have to do is to connect it with your phone and presto! You can have all your time listening to audio. Good to know that there are earphones out there that have a Bluetooth connection: Soundpeats Qy7 Earbuds.

Whether you are doing your workouts or just merely enjoying a walk, these earphones will never let you down. There are some buyers who have given a one star rating to this product but nothing can overpower the dozens of five star rating reviews. Majority of the purchasers have said that it is just lightweight and it perfectly fits in your ears. Its longer battery life has enabled them to listen to audio with all the time that you want.

To sum up all the customer reviews, this product is rated with 4.0 out of the perfect five star rating. This is not that bad at all because almost all purchasers have enjoyed listening to audio with these earbuds.

About the Cons

Everyone has already expected that there are cons in every product. In the case of this product, there are two cons that were found here. You know, this issue may not be ignored because some of the audio lovers are audio snobs. People have different taste.

Maybe some have just high expectations for this that is why they have rated that low. In terms of the Bluetooth connection, it may just be difficult to set up depending on your phone. Yet still, the creator of these lightweight wireless earbuds promise that you will still have the quality earphones that you have known from the start.


People have different taste and likes when it comes to audio. Some love to hear mellow audio while others they want the hard type of audio. Some may not be very picky when it comes to bass quality.

But when it comes to purchasing, people are picky in search for quality. Good to know that there is an earphone that has the quality and the affordability in price. That is none other than the Soundpeats Qy7 Earbuds.  Buy Now on Amazon »


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