The Best iPhone Apps You’d Never See


Why would I recommend a game which basically offers only one level to play over and over again with increasing difficulty?  For one, it feels just right for the iPhone/iPod Touch as it’s simple controls, such as touching the enemy to target/shoot it and pressing above/below your ship to maneuver it, make it easy and understandable to use.  Another reason is that the creator of SPACE DEADBEEF is Yuji Yasuhara of , an internal Sony studio, which created the franchise. 

However, besides  being associated with the most successful racing game franchise ever, Yasuhara-san was also involved with making  (PSX) and  (SEGA Saturn), both of which were fairly impressive rail shooters in their time.  While this game will never be mistaken for Gran Turismo or either rail shooter, you do see the polish that you’d come to expect from an experienced Game Industry vet, especially with Yasuhara-san’s background.  My point?  While our adventures in the App Store up until now are akin to the Wild Wild West, i.e. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, there are apps like these, which serve as reminders of what should be the standard quality level.  For that reason alone, download and keep handy.  Price: Free.