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StatusBar+ – Custom Status Bar vBeta2 Android Apk App StatusBar+ – Custom Status Bar vBeta2 Android Apk App

163 days ago

StatusBar+ – Custom Status Bar vBeta2

Android 2.1+

A custom status bar that goes where you go, done WP7 style!


StatusBar+ is the FIRST custom status/ notification bar for Android, no root or custom ROM required!

It works in any orientation and appears consistently for ANY application. It is designed to look and function like the status bar used in Windo ws Phone 7. As such, using the default configurations, you should see a black strip where your normal status bar would appear with a digital clock on the right-hand side. Click the status bar to watch the other indicators drop down.

Should the default configurations not appear the following features are included:

– Enable/ disable the custom status bar.

– Automatically enable the status bar when the device is booted.

– Automatically disable then re-enable the swipe to expand the system status bar when the screen if turned off and when the device is unlocked (Note: this does NOT work with most custom lock screens).

– Automatically hide while in the lock screen.

– Enable/ disable clicking to drop down the status bar icons.

– Change the icon and background colors.

– Hide/ show any icon.

– More to be added soon!

Currently supported system indicators include:

– Signal strength (GSM, EVDO, and CDMA. 4G HSPA+, WiMax, and LTE experimental).

– Data network type (ie. EDGE, 3G, 4G, etc.)

– Roaming.

– WiFi signal strength.

– Bluetooth.

– Language.

– Battery percentage.

– Battery icon indicator.

– Time (automatic 24-hour detection based on the system preference).

MIUI Users:

StatusBar+ CANNOT support “Click to drop,” on your ROM, so please disable it. There is nothing that can be done about this, .


This software is currently in its beta phase, there WILL be bugs! While this application has been tested rather extensively on a number of devices (rooted and not), there is no guarantee that it will work perfectly on your device. If it does not please do not post in the comments section, instead send us an email ( stating your device’s make/ model, firmware, ROM (if applicable), and a description of the issue. Also send the error/ crash report to the Android Market when possible.

Rooted users:

The feature to disable your system status bar is highly experimental. Remember to leave this option checked at all times when using this feature or you may need to reboot to get your status bar back. Removing your system status bar removes automatic full screen detection.

Custom lock screens:

WidgetLocker, WP7 Lock, MagicLocker, and Ripple Lock are among the supported custom lock screens. If you wish to have another lock screen added please let us know and we will get in touch with the developers, but we make no guarantee.


For the most part this application does not drain your device’s battery significantly, however this is not a guarantee. On some devices/ ROMS it seems to be better or worse than other. If you experience an issue please let us know.

Signal Strength:

Signal strength calculation may not work properly on your device. The Samsung Galaxy S II line and Sony Ericsson Arc running Gingerbread 2.3.X, for example, have a documented issue (see ). If you run into problems with signal strength please try our other application, Signal Strength Detector (see ), available for free on the Android Market and submit your results. This will help us further improve calculation.


For an even more immersive, customized notification experience check out Popup 7 on the Android Market (see)

Icon by Chaitanya Bangera.

This application is part of the Seven+ Project

What’s in this version:

Thank you for supporting StatusBar+!

Most settings are now live!

Polish translation by Michał Jastrzębski.

Increased performance and reliability.

Now using a new, more robust color picking dialog.

Changed the notification/ reminder icon.

Fixed back button bug.

Fixed signal strength for more devices.

Added the option to disable popup notifications in fullscreen apps.

Added in-app Seven+ Project donations.

Added share button in ActionBar.

Added reminder for Accessibility setting.


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