Issues to Steer Clear of When Using Twitter

So you finally decided your business needed a Twitter account and you’ve worked hard to get the following that you want.  While you are content, you still want more followers but you start to see a phenomenon.  Your list of followers is slowing decreasing rather than increasing.  Why is this happening?

what you should not do on twitter It could be that while your tweets are on the ball and perfect, there may be other issues that are causing you to lose followers.  These same issues could be the reason you are not gaining any followers either.  Below are some every day mistakes that could be costing you your following and you don’t even realize you’re doing anything wrong.

Using Too Many Hashtags

OK, so the issue with hashtags is an ongoing one and it seems that many people still don’t get it.  If you are tweeting nothing but hashtags, then you’re probably killing your following and that is one great reason why they are leaving.  Think of how annoying it is to try and read a post that is just hashtags!

Using the last sentence as an example:  #Think #ofhow #annoyingitis #totryandread #apostthatisjust #hashtags.  How long did it take you to try and read that sentence and how frustrating did you find it?  This is why you should only use a one or two hashtags as way to trend your brand or product.  Never use so many hashtags that your entire one hundred and forty characters are taken up with them.

No Negativity, EVER!

Even though you may have friends and family on your Twitter account as followers, if you have something negative to discuss with them, you should do it in private.  If you need to use Twitter then do it from your personal account, not your business account.  Most people don’t care about what’s going wrong, how poorly you’re feeling or how frustrating your employees are.

They want positivity and they will stop following you if you are negative too often.  One way to help your SEO efforts is to have your tweets shared by your followers.  How likely is that they will be shared or retweeted if they are negative and do not offer anything of any value to the community?  The only followers who won’t care are those you may have paid for.

Too Many Posts About Yourself

Of course we are our own best subject because of the familiarity but in all honesty, nobody else, besides family and friends really care about your personal life.  This is a common mistake that is made by many because they find that it is hard to post regular tweets based on business.  Actually, it is easy to tweet about business and all personal tweets should come from your personal account.  Rather than posting about what you had for lunch or where you’re heading for your holidays, post valuable information.

Seek out news and updates related to your industry such as new techniques or materials that are an improvement or that make production easier.  When you do have a lack, highlight an employee and give them the spotlight on Twitter.  These things will keep your following and will offer you more followers.

If you avoid the top three issues when tweeting, you will not only keep your followers you have now, but you will also gain more followers over the long term.

Aly Chiman

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