Summer Waves Quickset Pool Review

Summer Waves Quickset Pool Review

The Summer Waves Quickset Pool is an awesome way to stay cool and entertained during the summer. Whatever size you get, it is important first to make sure the ground is level. Well go over more of that later. The reason I went with the Quickset Pool as opposed to the framed pool is because I have owned both. What I found out however is that whichever one you choose, without proper maintenance the pool liners only last so long. Now compare that to the cost of the pool itself.

I’ve owned the Intex framed pool as well as the Intex Easy Set pool. While the framed pool lasted two years and I neglected to put it down during the winter it eventually sprung a leak which made it very difficult to maintain. So during the second summer of use it began losing water and made very difficult to maintain the pool chemicals in the water as it was constantly leaking water and losing the vital nutrients a pool needs to remain sanitary. This also created more work. I found myself constantly trying to clean the pool and making frequent trips to the store to buy supplies and keep it free from algae and other debris. And while the pool liner only lasts so long, so does the frame and the plastic parts that hold it together. The frame started to rust and fall apart just as the plastic pins start to break and fall apart.

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So I began doing research into buying a new pool liner. Only to realize that the cost of replacing the pool liner was very close to the cost of just buying a new pool. Not to mention that with the framed pool you will spend maybe close to $100 for the frame itself which also needed replacement parts.

So thats when I finally came to terms with the situation and realized, these pools are great but they only last a couple years. It is nearly as expensive to buy the liner as it is just to get an entirely new pool. At that same time I was looking for Intex pools because I had all the parts, so it made sense to try to stay with the 15’ Intex Framed Pool. But I later found out that this pool was becoming harder and harder to find. I spent multiple hours driving and looking at different stores for this pool and had no success. My best bet was to order the liner from Intex.

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But thats when I came across the Summer Waves Pools. I Realized that both Walmart and Big Lots no longer sold the Intex Pools and instead were carrying the Summer Waves Pools as well as the Coleman Pools which look nice and all but they were a little bit more expensive.

I was convinced that I wanted the framed pool again so that if I never needed more parts I would have extras on hand from the previous pool. Problem was that the framed Summer Waves Pool comes with a skimmer attachment that is not universal and is very specific to that pool. It was a nice feature but I wanted universal attachments and though the skimmer was nice I would hate to have to replace it should anything go wrong. Likewise I already bought a skimmer that works fine. So that was the reason that I went with the Quickset Summer Waves Pool over the framed Summer Waves Pool. That and well the cost. To buy the framed pool I would have to spend about $100 more for more metal parts that will rust and fall apart within a couple years.

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So I cut my losses and decided that this pool will only last as long as you are willing to put up with it, which is maybe a year or two or three. But I would rather spend $200 for something I know isn’t going to last for ever than $300 on something that also won’t last forever.

So Ive owned both pools perviously and the first one purchased was the Intex Easy Set Pool which has an equivalent design to the Summer Waves Quickset Pool. But that was my first pool and I had a lot to learn about above ground pools. While I did know it was supposed to be level I did not get it level enough and the water weighed down on one side, which was fine until there were very heavy rains and the skimmer attachment at the time rested on the flotation reservoir that keeps the pool up. So when the rain started pouring one side became very weak and started to overflow. While it was pouring rain I had to go out and hold the side of the pool down to drain water from the one side so it didn’t overwhelm and destroy the entire pool. Thats a problem I probably wouldn’t have had if the ground was completely level, But to sum things up I spent more time maintaining the pool then actually enjoying it.

The Second problem was that there was a piece of grass that actually grew through the liner. This can happen with either the quickset style pool as well as the framed. But when grass actually penetrates through the bottom liner the pool leaks and by the way the pool was still full.

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I would recommend removing all sod or grass or anything that grows before setting up this pool if you want it to last. You can lay down a barrier and actually I did that as well as added the old bottom liner from the previous pool as an additional liner. That and you want to get a lot of sand to not only get it level but also grass doesn’t grow well in sand, so it helps eliminate the possibility of grass growing underneath your pool.

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