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Super Swiss Army Knife v1.0.7 Full (1.0.7) Android Apk App Super Swiss Army Knife v1.0.7 Full (1.0.7) Android Apk App

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Super Swiss Army Knife v1.0.7 Full

Android 1.6+

This is a super software which has a multi-functional combination applying to life、travel、military combat. It is a veritable Swiss Army Knife with a cool widget desktop, including eight functions of ruler, protractor, flashlight, compass, gradienter, vertical, wall picture, telemeasurement.


Small-sized software, can also be installed on the SD card, will be a must for your mobile phone.

Detailed features:

1.Ruler: Providing accurate scale display in centimeters and inches on the mobile screen, with a calibration function, supporting dynamic display measurements.New Version: Diagonal Ruler supports dynamic display measurements!

2.Protractor:Angle measurements, offering precise angle from 0 to 180, can be dynamically read the angle unit.

3.Flashlight: Be easy to open, brightening life, a variety of light colors to choose. New Version: Add flashlight function and optimize the Screenlight’s color choose interface.

4.Compass: Stimulating a real compass, with a practical, precise, beautiful orientation display, and a dynamical current phone direction display.

5.Gradienter:Stimulating a real gradienter, to check whether the objects are aclinic. If they are aclinic, the bubbles will remain at the center of the gradienter; If not, the bubbles will move to high.

6.Wall picture: Can open the camera, a live-action as the screen background, visually telling whether the items /pictures are hung crooked, and the angle of deviation can be learned. With its help, do not worry about whether the photos are hung crooked.

7.Vertical: The same as the functions of wall picture, can open the camera, a live-action as the screen background, stimulating the vertical to tell whether the items are vertical and showing the angle of deviation.

8.Telemeasurement: Simple 3 steps, using the mobile to measure the distance around any object and its height.


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