Target Instruction to Help Struggling Readers Become More Proficient Readers

Some students struggle with reading and begin to fall behind to the point of losing confidence in their ability to ever learn to read. We don’t want our students who struggle to lose hope, but you may not have the assessments and tools to accurately identify their reading deficits and provide intentional instruction to target the specific deficits. What are proven ways to reduce the reading gap that keeps many of our students from becoming strong, proficient readers?This two-day training is designed to give you the tools and strategies to address the needs of these specific students who struggle the most with reading. To help you train your teachers to use high-yield reading strategies to accelerate struggling readers in their decoding, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary, popular presenter and reading coach, Jaime Bailey, has developed a fast-paced, practical, train-the-trainer opportunity you won’t want to miss.Show MapTicketsCategories:EducationInvited: 2 Attending: 1 Unsure: 1 Link to EventReport a Problem

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