App Lock not Working Redmi 1S & Redmi Note – FIXED

App Lock not Working Redmi 1S & Redmi Note – FIXED



Solution for App lock not working in Redmi 1S and Redmi Note. Our readers are requesting the solution for the common problem which is the security app to prevent unauthorized usage of your apps ‘App Lock’ is not Working on their Xiaomi smartphones. There are many Xiaomi smartphone users in India because Xiaomi smartphones are providing good hardware quality at low price. Xiaomi launched three budget smartphones in India in 2014 which are Xiaomi MI 3, Redmi 1S and Redmi note. Xiaomi is focusing on the Indian market and planning to release more smartphones in the Indian market. Xiaomi smartphones are getting mixed reviews from the users.

App lock is not working on all the Xiaomi smartphones which are available in India like MI 3 or Redmi 1S. Solution to this problem is very easy. You have to follow some simple steps given in this article. App Lock is not working in your Xiaomi smartphone because MIUI lets you manage the permission of the installed apps on your mobile phone. You can allow or deny specific access of a particular app. This features is not available in the any other Android smartphone(without installing custom ROM). If you own a Xiaomi smartphone and having trouble using App Lock then you are at the right place in this guide we’ll provide you the fix for the problem “App Lock not Working”.

FIX – App Lock not Working in Redmi 1S and Redmi Note

Now your problem is solved but you will be glad to know that there is no need for install any third party app to password protect the apps. MIUI has inbuilt feature to lock apps using pattern lock.

To access this feature go to setting

So this is the solution for App lock not working problem on Xiaomi Devices. Hope this guide is helpful to you and you are able to use AppLock on your Redmi 1S smartphone. If you are facing any issues or if app lock is not working even after following this guide then you can comment your problem below. Let us know by commenting below whether this method is helpful to you or not.

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Enable floating windows option is not there in applock app.


I had followed these steps but still app lock stop working after some time


still appkock is not working

Lakshya singh

I got a redmi2 and applock was working before i hid my data and made it open when i dialed that code *#*#12345#*#* but now it won’t open. What do i do? Please someone help me, please.

i have redmi note i follow these steps and its working

thank you 🙂


Redmi note after update is not showing that floating window problem also even built in privacy lock not work after refreshing the ram

Help me how to lock my data

Muqtadeer Siddiqui

I had followed these steps but still app lock stop working after some time

Shankar Kurup

Thanku bro….followed ur steps…and itz working


In updated version of applock 2.12 dat floating window option is not available….Applock is not working in updated version 6.6.2 of redmi 1s

Mehul jain

App lock is not working in my redmi 2 when I clean the RAM,then what should I do……???

Plzz tell me fast


Its not working in redmi 2 plzz solve my problem ..


If you want your app lock work properly don’t follow these steps just go to security app>autostart>then enable it..

Pisty Parashar

how can i lock my installed apps on RedMi4i either by Applock android app or by some other methods


it’s working…… thank u…

Pawan Kumar

After update the app lock application, when i use this app to lock the other application like gmail, watsup etc. then it is not working…kindly provide suggestion


thank you

Clar version v7.5.11.5 redmi note 2. May I know how to restrict background data for certain apps and not all apps?

rohit more

not required third party app as it having inbuilt feature… from privacy protection option… we can able to lock individual app


The built in app lock on the phone(im using redmi 2) does not work properly. when perticular app is existed it does not lock immedeatly. we have to lock the phone to lock the


do all of above option then go below the then make it accept the “display pop up window “. then any aap lock will work.myself use smart app locker


Apps lock not working for redmi prime 2


I have redmi note 3 .in.applock there is no option of autostart .what should i do

Tushar Amkar

It’s totally working very well…


Leo privasy not supported in redmi note prime …..1st works if we remove previous opened apps it lock doesnt work please solve it

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