Telnet into Your HP/Aruba 2530

Telnet into your HP/Aruba 2530 switch that is running the latest firmware (at least 16.02.0016) and under the config menu send the following commandallow-unsupported-transceiver

Handy little reference for building strftime formatters.

Here’s an example of swift class for a rectangle that has an initializer and optional default values. import Foundationclass Rectangle: Codable {    var name:String    var length:Int    var width:Int    init(name:String = “”, length:Int  = 4, width:Int = 2) { = name        self.length = length        self.width = width    }}This rectangle will have an area of 8 by default: r = Rectangle()print(r.length * r.width) // => 8but if we define the width to be 4, we will have a square with an area of 16 s = Rectangle(width: 4)print(s.length * s.width) // => 16This also allows you to be able to instantiate your class without defining all values and not have it blow up on you.

I started out creating location managers on each controller and then I read . As there should ever only be one instance of the LocationManager, a singleton is definitely the right way to go. Swift 3 Singletonimport CoreLocationclass LocationManager: CLLocationManager {    var isUpdatingLocation = false    static let shared = LocationManager()    override func startUpdatingLocation() {        super.startUpdatingLocation()        isUpdatingLocation = true    }    override func stopUpdatingLocation() {        super.stopUpdatingLocation()        isUpdatingLocation = false    }}Usageif LocationManager.shared.isUpdatingLocation {    print(“Is currently updating location.”)} else {    print(“Location updates have stopped.”)}

Go to ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles/ and delete all the provisioning profiles from there. Go to XCode > Preferences > Accounts and select the Apple Id.Click Download All Profiles. And it will download all the provisioning profiles again.Xcode 9Step 1 and 2 remain the same.Click Download Manual Profiles to update your provisioning profiles.Taken from:

where I go when I can’t remember the markdowns

Simple QR Code Generator

You can preview your rails mailer locally without needing to send it by going to This will show you the HTML preview of the “new_user” template located in the user_mailer view folder. ENJOY!

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