The Importance of Masterminds

So I just finished up a long grueling week of travel and meetings.  To say the least, it was a fantastic experience!  One of the meetings was a 3 day seminar where we learned to create our very own Membership Site.  Who was leading the event?  A few of my mentors: Andrew Glantze, Chris Parkins, and Daniel Ramon.  That was a very special event because it was the first time that a seminar of that magnitude has been taught to people who want to create their very own Membership Site Online.

the mastermind group

One of the other meetings that I just finished up was for a Mastermind Group where we meet 3x/year throughout the United States.  For those of you who might not be familiar with what a Mastermind is, here’s a brief explanation:

The Mastermind Group was first introduced by Napolean Hill in his book “Think and Grow RichWhat is it?  It’s when 2 or more people get together to share their knowledge and experiences with the intent to work toward a defined purpose.  In other words, if you were trying to accomplish a specific goal, would you be more successful doing this by yourself or with the help of a group of people?  The quick answer is WITH A GROUP OF PEOPLE.  When you have a group of people brainstorming and helping each other, the collective power and experience of the group outweighs the collective power of the individual.

More people = More wisdom and more experience.

To date, this was the first Mastermind that I’ve been a part of AND I’ve been having a blast!  Our first meeting was in Utah back in the summer of 2011.  Our second meeting was just completed in Los Angeles this past week.  Our third meeting will be backstage at Disney World in Florida during the summer of 2012.  Let’s just say that I can hardly wait to fly out to Florida for our third meeting.

Why might you ask?

Because every time our Mastermind meets, it’s like a reunion of sorts.  It’s a time for all of us to celebrate our successes and to get feedback on the things that we’re struggling with both in our business and in our lives.  It’s a time to see old friends and to catch up.  Most of all, it’s a time to serve others in the group so that we can achieve our dreams and make a difference in the world.

So, are you currently part of a Mastermind Group?  If so, how has a Mastermind Group positively affected your life?  If you haven’t been part of a Mastermind Group before, what’s been holding you back?

We’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to comment =)

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