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The Official Google Adsense Toolbar For Chrome

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Ever since i was a google adsense publisher i was looking for a real time google adsense reporting toolbar for google chrome browser. Even-though there are some unofficial chrome extensions which will enable us to view the real-time adsense earnings, i never used them(i really don’t know why

). But, earlier today while i was browsing through the extensions gallery i saw this Google Adsense Toolbar by Google. Yes this is official toolbar from google itself.

If you are a google adsense publisher like me, then get your

to know your detailed daily earnings. You can see from the below image that you can see your Today’s, Yesterdays, This Month and Last Month earnings. Along with that you can also view Top custom channels, Top URL channels and an interesting Life Time Revenue.

If you activate Google Adsense Toolbar on your site which is using your google adsense ads then you can turn-on ad overly feature to view even more details of individual ad units[].

Google Adsense Toolbar

I really didn’t get why google is calling it as toolbar while it is just adding a button like other extensions do. Anyway, this is a good way to track your daily earnings with out logging-in to google adsense account each time.


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