The Science Rockstars School of Tweeting With Persuasion

Picture this: your business has an amazing product, which solves an actual problem but you don’t have an active online voice?

You probably heard this one a couple of times, whether it’s someone in a suit or from a startup.

And of course, it sounds silly and it takes so danged long to build up a fan base.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a couple of fast ways you can improve your online presence immediately whether you are just on Twitter or actually focusing on driving traffic to your startup’s blog.

But wait, before we get started. I will tell you what my excuse was.

How the Time Troll Got to me

The biggest reason that I failed at blogging years back is that I didn’t keep on doing it.

I lacked the inspiration and felt guilty for going after the same tone of voice of some of the marketing blogs out there. Let me emphasize that: “I wasn’t inspired to create due to the activities that I was undertaking”.

Instead those activities felt like an obstacle to describing my personal experiences. I had been so wrapped up in launching some earlier projects that I used those experiences as an excuse for not creating. After all, there was no time!

We all know that this has to do with priorities. Not all tasks are created equal, but for a founder they all are! That is how I treated everything and in my mind, it was okay not to get to blogging since my mind was already full with other stuff.

So I started this blog as a platform for any of my ideas on how to grow your startup and on personal development.

Now Take a Guess What I Told a Founder Last Week

“You are crazy! You’ve got paying customers who are paying for a demo, and you’re not building a relationship with them?”

“Let me ask you a question: Do you find that most of your current customers are reaching out to you via phone and calling you?”

And he said “Our Beta pool is full, but I get a lot of phone calls with one off questions which drive me nuts sometimes.”

I went on to say “how awesome would it be if you started building relationships with your Beta pool of customers so you can drive traffic to your, quickly to be redesigned, website?”

Of course, he was interested.

The key here is, especially if you are B2B Startup, to get multiple of your customers in the same room. It can be as easy as a simple meetup at your office.

All these customers have questions and experiences and will most definitely talk about it because they are in the room with likeminded people and guess what: they are all using YOUR product.

Let’s get to it!

How to Start Tweeting More With More Persuasion, or Swagger

I am a big fan of Jon Morrow, his personal story reminds me of what the human spirit is capable of. Next to kicking back in Mexico, he is the Associate Editor of Copyblogger.

In order to help out that founder, I went through Jon’s Cheat Sheet of Headline Hacks and wrote 52 examples persuasive headlines that will get you more clicks by making your readership more curious.


How 52 Persuasive Tweets Look Like for PersuasionAPI

The key here is to be specific by studying your audience.

11 Threat Headlines – What keeps your readers up at night?

– How Safe is Your Website from Persuasion Profiling?

– Warning Signs That Keeps Your Website From Converting

– Warning: Persuasion Profilers!

– Can we Really Trust @PersuasionAPI? 5 Things you Should Know

– The Shocking Truth About Persuasion Profiling: Dr. Maurits Kaptein Reveals All!

– The Great Conversion Hoax

– How Companies Gamble With Their Online Reputation: 3 Ways to Protect Yourself

– 9 Lies Conversion Experts Like to Tell

– 13 Things Your Website Designer Won’t Tell You

– 5 Little Known Factors That Could Affect Your Conversion Rate

– Marketer Alert: The new Conversion Scam to Avoid

9 Zen Headlines – Promising Your Readers a Simpler Life

Make a promise that will simplify the worries they are having.

– The Minimalist Guide to A/B – Testing

– The Zen of Persuasion Profiling: 10 Ways Your Conversion Rate Won’t Suck Anymore

– Can’t Keep up? 7 Ways to Simplify Your Website

– How to Take Charge of Your Blog’s Comment Section

– 10 Shortcuts for Optimizing Your Website in Record Time

– Get Rid of Comment Spammers Once and for All

– How to end Your Fight With Weak Conversions

– How to end Screwing up Customer Development

– 15 Conversion Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Making Your Website go from Ashy to Classy 🙂

6 Piggyback Headlines – Riding on the Back of a Famous Brand

Immediately connect with your audience in a powerful way by means of authority.

– Tim Ash’s top 5 Tips for Pimping Your Landing Pages

– Launch Like Steve Jobs: 7 Ways to Build Buzz for Your Next Science Rockstar Product

– The Yogi Berra School of Persuasive Writing

– The Hector’s Guide to Killer Content

– Secrets of Conversion Experts: How to Kiss A/B – Testing Goodbye

– What Jay-z Can Teach us About Science – The Rockstar Way

6 Mistake Headlines – Irresistible Teasers From the Masters

Position yourself as an expert by showcasing that you know exactly what your audience is going through.

– Do You Believe in the Objections More Than You Believe in Your Solution?

– Do You Make These 9 Conversion Mistakes?

– 7 E-mail Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid

– 5 Website Mistakes That Make Your Company Look Like a Joke

– 21 Conversion Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

– Don’t do These 12 Things When Your Startup Gets Press Coverage

11 How to Headlines – The Oldie But Goldie That Never Fails

“How to” forces the author to immediately communicate the value you are offering to your audience.

– How to Design for Conversion

– How to be Persuasive

– How to Get Clients Online, Even When Your Landing Page Sucks

– How to Make Your Website Rock Without Spending a Fortune

– How to Woo Investors While You Are Presenting

– How to do Less and Get More Leads

– How to Debunk an Online Marketer

– How to use PersuasionAPI to Grow Your Business

– How to Persuade Like Don Juan in 2013

– How to Attract Customers and Convert Them – The Ultimate Guide

– How to be Smart in a World of Emotional Shoppers

10 List Headlines – Bite Sized Content That Readers Adore

Small lists of lessons learned, funny stuff and anything you can think off.

– 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Landing Page Rock!

– 21 Social Triggers to Improve Conversions

– 56 Killer Resources for Improving Conversions

– The Top 10 Conversion Hacks

– 5 Persuasion Secrets Every Online Marketer Should Know

– 7 Surprising Reasons Why Your Website is Not Converting (oh Yes!)

– The 6 Immutable Laws of Persuasive Blogging

– 8 Steps to Become a Science Rockstar

– Get More Leads! 10 Ideas That Really Work

– 7 Things Your Online Marketer Needs to Hear You Say

Burn it up, baby!

There are people waiting to hear from you.

Here’s What You Need To Do Next…(Because I Want Feedback & Get to Know You)


Check out Jim McCraigh’s book How To Write Words That Sell: Create Your Own Money Making Ads, Sales Letters, E-mail, and Social Media Hacks

It’s a great read, and it’s quick. And all hype aside, it can change your traffic stats!


I want you to leave me a comment on this page, and let me know how you plan on using what you learned from this post to be more persuasive and how you progress.


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