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One of the most talked about topics of the 2015 Blue Whale game and the terrible events, all details are on the table.

Internet, as well as knowledge, causes the recognition to spread very quickly. In the beginning of 2015, the Blue Whale case, which started with sparse news, soon turned into a ‘phenomenon’ across the internet, costing hundreds or even thousands of young people.

Only trouble is causing the blue whale 142 young suicide in Turkey, still it emerges from time to time with the unpleasant news.

From the beginning: What is a Blue Whale?

The Blue Whale has spread over 50 days as a suicide ası game Mavi with 50 missions. The first tasks of this so-called game started with things that could be quite simple and doable: with simple tasks such as ‘get out of bed in the morning’, ‘watch a horror movie this night’, the Blue Whale was trying to warm up the player and was not allowed to fear the game immediately.

However, after a while, things started to get out of hand, you were asked to draw a whale with a knife in the middle of the list of 50 missions, or hang down from the edge of a high building. At the end of the 50th day, the young man was depressed and severely disturbed.

Where Did It Start?

The whole story is thought to have begun in Russia with the young Rina Palenkova. On November 22, 2015, Palenkova shared the photo above, showing a middle-fingered middle finger with a black scarf. He ended his life by committing suicide one day after sharing this photo with ‘Nya bye’ note.

Palenkova’s death created a serious blow to all of Russia. Especially VKontakte, which hosts the largest chat rooms in Russia, the site returned to great discussions. All the relatives, acquaintances, friends and anyone who observed himself / herself remotely about Rina’s suicide question for several days questioned the reason for this suicide. Everyone shared his story: false and true pictures, stories of depression, of self-harming, of strange gestures flying through the air.

However, there was something that did not unite: the aforementioned problem and justification were not serious enough to lead this girl to suicide.

The next Christmas day, 12-year-old Angelina Davydova living in Ryazan and the suicide of the puzzle were combined. First, it turned out that Angelina and Rina were members of the joint groups. As a result of the family’s examination of Angelina’s accounts, shipments of blue whales and suicide notes were discovered. Unfortunately, this well-meaning research has led to more knowledge and dissemination of the game. The suicides of the world that were going to cover the whole world were already ignited.

There are dozens of different theories about what kind of a relationship between these ‘suicide games’ and blue whales. Researchers, however, stand on two possibilities:

-When the friends of the whales are killed or sadly saddled, they commit suicide by hitting the shore.

-It contains references to the words of one of Russia’s famous rock bands, Lumen.

Obviously, it is difficult to make a clear judgment, but we learn from the person who is claimed to be responsible for the fact that dozens of theories are not true to the essence of the subject.

Suspects and Suspects

In November 2016, 21-year-old Philipp Budeikin was arrested for the suicide of young people. Budeikin, as a cold-blooded killer, Russian media organizations made the following statement:

“In this world there are creatures from the garbage that can be separated as much as humans and bacteria. All I ever do is clean our society from such things.”

Budeikin said the game created in 2013, the first name of the game is F57, and it does not have a special meaning, he said: the name of the game, the last two numbers of the phone number, the first letter of the name was taken.

Finally, last year a 17-year-old girl was arrested in Russia and imprisoned. The name of the young girl, who was mentioned as one of the heads of the dissemination of the game, although not the creators of the game, was never mentioned in the press since she was at the age of 17 in Russia.

Blood Frosting Theory: “Such A Game Has Never Been!”

The Blue Whale began to be talked so much about the fact that there was no thought of it at all. It is a fact that young people’s chat channels can be too suspicious for adults and even small jokes can be taken seriously and turned to big cases.

Alexandra Arkhipova, working for the Russian State University, believes that the Blue Whale does not exist until the publication of all the details of the game in the nation-wide Novaya Gazeta. Depressed, pushed, bored youth and the environment of his family living in a state of waiting for a game like this Akrhipova, for those who believe in adults again believes.

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