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This is part 7 in our series of “5 Must Have Android Live Wallpapers” (, , , , , ). Note: Android live wallpapers are currently only available for devices running Android 2.1+.

Remember, to set a live wallpaper, long press your homescreen > wallpapers > live wallpapers.

1.  Droots Live Wallpaper

Grow a variety of plants on your Android homescreen. Choose from 15+ droots (plant types) and 21+ settings (backgrounds) like a garden, city, or beach. Each unique add-on will run you $0.99 or $1.19. Each droot is initially planted as a seed and will take 2-4 weeks (regular seed) or 2-4 days (super seed) to grow fully. To plant, double-tap the soil. To view options for a specific droot, double-tap it. This menu will let you view a time-lapse rendition of your droot’s growth or enable other perks.

Would love to have the option to adjust super seed’s speed of growth to the scale of a few minutes or hours.

2.  SwampWater Live Wallpaper

Relive one of your first science/biology labs where you probably looked at pond water under a microscope. You’re sure to recognize organisms that are classified as algae, bacteria, or protozoa. The only setting you have the option to change is the color of the swamp water. One refreshing detail about this Android live wallpaper is that it does not ask for any permissions.

Adding other organisms like amoebas or planaria would make this live wallpaper even cooler than it already is, especially for the science nerds out there (like me).

3.  Nyan Cat Extreme Live Wallpaper

What would the modern day internet be without unexplainable, random crazes such as Nyan Cat? Now you can have Nyan Cat flying across your screen with its rainbow trail in tow. Shake your Android device to send Nyan Cat through a comet field or tap anywhere on the screen to shoot Nyan Cat’s laser eyes. Customizable settings include shake sensitivity, animation speed, rainbow trail style, star background, and more.

As another reviewer said in the Android Market, “delightfully useless!”

4.  Pockets Live Wallpaper

The Pockets Live Wallpaper features Roi the Raccoon, a cute, interactive pet that lives on your Android homescreen. Roi runs wherever you tap, follows as you switch between homescreens, and loves to be petted. He also has a mind of his own and will do random tricks, take naps, and be grumpy from time-to-time. The developer has said additional critters will join Roi soon.

Would love to have options for multiple background scenes.

5.  Puddle Drops Live Wallpaper

Puddle Drops is a water simulation live wallpaper with a default pool tile background and the option to use a background image from your gallery. Touching the screen creates a ripple effect across the entire image just as if a drop of water had fallen there. Settings include options to activate automatic water drops and scrolling background images. However, the ability to set the rate of automatic water drops would be a nice addition. Overall this Android live wallpaper is simple, realistic, and elegant.

Would be especially neat if shaking or tilting your Android device created additional ripple effects.


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The Pops Android app spices up your alert notifications with entertaining animations and videos.

Pops is a new and exciting way to receive your Android device’s notifications. Instead of the classic (read: boring) ringtones and notification bar icons, you now have the option to use rich multimedia instead.

You can set Pops for your SMS, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter notifications. Currently there are over 80 different Pops to choose from with more being added all of the time. A few examples include the Nyan Cat, Android parachutist, or PiggyPop (check out the screenshots below for some visual examples). Or if none of those fit your fancy, you can even customize Pops from your own pictures or videos. Then, when you receive a text message or new @mention on Twitter, Pop!


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This is part 6 in our series of “5 Must Have Android Live Wallpapers” (, , , , ). Note: Android live wallpapers are currently only available for devices running Android 2.1+.

Remember, to set a live wallpaper, long press your homescreen > wallpapers > live wallpapers.

1.  Hologram Live Wallpaper

Create a 3D hologram on your Android homescreen. As you tilt your Android device, the background responds in a way that gives depth to the scene. There are a number of different objects to choose from, e.g. an Android, cube, or dog. Similarly, there are various scenes (background wall textures) to pick from like wood, paper, or metal. Set the sensitivity/smoothness of the sensors and how the live wallpaper responds to movement to give you the best performance possible.

2.  Motion Timer Live Wallpaper

A physics-based live wallpaper made up of floating, bouncing glowing balls. By touching the screen you can add more balls or if you’ve already added the maximum number, an “explosion” will occur sending nearby balls flying in all directions. Switching homescreens or shaking your Android device flips the direction of gravity controlling the colored balls. Settings include ball colors and min/max number of balls (0-96).

3.  Super Skies Live Wallpaper

An elegant rendition of hot air balloons floating through the clouds. Plus small party balloons can be popped as they drift by (just tap them). The balloons are swept from side to side by a gentle breeze which can be influenced by switching between homescreens. Settings include different backgrounds, number of hot air balloons, party balloons, and clouds. Adjust the frames per second option to find the right balance between performance and battery life.

4.  Crazy Colors Live Wallpaper

From the developer of , this live wallpaper features full color customization options like unique color schemes and the ability to create any color imaginable from the hex code-like selection tool. Like the Super Skies Live Wallpaper above, you have the option to set the performance of this live wallpaper from max speed (0% battery savings) to min speed (50% battery savings).

5.  FishBowl Live Wallpaper

Watch colorful cartoon fish swim around your Android homescreen while bubbles float by all around them. Choose from a variety of backgrounds like ocean, coral, or aquarium and then feed your fish by tapping near the top of the screen. The more they eat the bigger they get! And get this, the fish will even fall in love and make cute little baby fish to add to your aquarium.


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This is part 5 in our series of “5 Must Have Android Live Wallpapers” (, , , ). Note: Android live wallpapers are currently only available for devices running Android 2.1+.

Remember, to set a live wallpaper, long press your homescreen > wallpapers > live wallpapers.

1.  PacDroid Live Wallpaper

Keep your Android fed on the tastiest of treats, Apples, in this PacMan style Android live wallpaper! Watch as your Android chases down and consumes each Apple in its path. Now, if your Android is a fan of Apples and would rather not eat them, there are additional items to add to this live wallpaper (via themes downloaded separately). This app will surely get a rise out of your iPhone touting friends!

2.  Live Weather Live Wallpaper

This interactive live wallpaper displays your current location’s weather conditions via HD quality wallpaper images. To setup, use your zip code to define your location (this is recommended for best results from Google Weather service). Also, choose an update interval of either 0.5, 1, 6, or 12 hours. Once the live wallpaper is set, double tap the screen to receive the current temperature.

Note: The developer has pledged to donate all proceeds from this app to cancer patients in need via direct contributions or donations made to charities.

3.  NA Flags Live Wallpaper

An elegant 3D live wallpaper of a flag blowing in the wind. Includes North American flags including USA, Canada, Mexico, Greenland, all 50 U.S. states, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Similarly, if you’re located in Europe, there is an EU version of this app with over 40 countries’ flags. Plus, there are plenty of customization settings and full support for landscape and portrait modes.

4.  Blue Skies Live Wallpaper

Blue Skies Live Wallpaper lets you soar through the clouds right from your Android homescreen. Set options for cloud density, wind speed, lighting based on time of day, and plenty more. You’ll also notice colored balloons and other objects floating through the sky as well (and you can even set the balloons to indicate when you have a new alert).

5.  Pristmatic Live Wallpaper

A beautifully simulated kaleidoscope that shifts with time and each swipe of the homescreen. Create your own hypnotic effect by adjusting the prism geometry, background images/colors, movement speeds, and more. You’ll soon find yourself staring at this live wallpaper over and over again.


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This is part 4 in our series of “5 Must Have Android Live Wallpapers” (, , ). Note: Android live wallpapers are currently only available for devices running Android 2.1+.

Remember, to set a live wallpaper, long press your homescreen > wallpapers > live wallpapers.

1.  Gravitron Live Wallpaper

Particle-based Android live wallpaper based on the “bokeh effect” which, in scientific terms, translates to the way a lens renders out-of-focus points of light. Offers customizable colors, particle types, backgrounds, point of view, and touch behavior. Similar to Solar Wind Live Wallpaper which was included in our . Additionally there are some very cool demo presets to try out e.g. droid, bling bling, and love. Plus, you can even save and load settings you have created.

2.  PhotoWall Live Wallpaper

PhotoWall shows your phone gallery, picasa, and Facebook photos as your homescreen background. The free version displays the images as a pile of Polaroid pictures while the upgraded version gives you more layout options like a photo grid or soft-edged fade. Additional effects alter the images for aesthetic effect, e.g. red tint, color correct (blends photo colors to make them look best together), and vivid color adjustments.

3.  Shadow Galaxy Live Wallpaper

Watch as a beautifully bright and vibrant galaxy moves around your screen. This live wallpaper is one in a series of four which also include the titles Ice Galaxy, Inferno Galaxy, and Vortex Galaxy.

4.  Symphony of Colors Live Wallpaper

Watch as a geometric, prism-like shape of vivid colors bounces around your Android device’s screen. Settings include choosing a color scheme as well as customizing the first, second, third, and fourth colors that are used.

5.  WP Clock Live Wallpaper

A professional, elegant, and informational live wallpaper. View the current time, date, battery status, week of the year, and WiFi SSID directly on your homescreen. Customizations include different font colors, outlines, and item positions. Also, a great feature is the ability to set a background image from your phone’s gallery to give the wallpaper a personal touch.


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