Three Easy Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook

Any company who is on Facebook has one major goal and that is to get more likes for their business and this can be difficult to do.  It is not easy to put your company out there and hope that some of the millions of Facebook users to like it.  It is almost like being in school again, you want to be one of the popular kids but you are not sure how to go about it.  The cool kids are the business pages of big companies that have an international following and your company can’t compete with that.  The good news is that you really don’t have to.  Below are three easy ways to get more likes on Facebook that will actually work.

Short Posts Offer More Likes

One of the best things you can do is to stay under eighty characters or make it more like a tweet rather than a status update when you post on Facebook.  If you need to, connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account and post your Tweets to Facebook.  This keeps you from running a huge diatribe that your fans are not reading anyway.  It is common knowledge that people have short attention spans these days so you need to play to this by only posting quick blurbs that gets their attention quickly.  While you are only posting short updates, they still need to contain quality content to keep your readers engaged.

Posting Frequency

The frequency of your posts is highly relevant too because the more you post the more fans you could lose.  The statistics show that if you only post two times a day you will get gets forty percent more likes than if you post more frequently.  Compare this to only posting for times a week which lands you seventy one percent more likes.  This may seem insane but it is true which is why you need to be careful with the amount of status updates you make on Facebook.  Some business owners buy Facebook likes to help their cause and you can certainly do this to help your numbers but you still have to watch your posting frequency.

Make Sure You Post Photos

Statically speaking, photos get fifty three percent more likes, one hundred and four percent more comments and eighty four percent more shares than any other type of status updates.  So if you really want to get your numbers up there then you need to have a few posts a week that are pictures of your products or your employees at work.  The photos do need to have some tie into your branding and can be a photo that is posted to your wall by a fan or by your company.  You can run a photo of the week contest to get your fans to post their photos on your wall.

It is possible to get more likes on Facebook if you put in a little effort.  The above tips show some easy ways to get your like count up and can help you to be a little closer to the cool kids in popularity.

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