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Time to ‘give up your auld sins’


THE season of Lent begins today (Wednesday).

Whether you are in Kilkenny or Kilimanjaro the season of Lent is the same.

On Ash Wednesday Christians of every age and background will line up to receive the ashes as was the custom for their fathers and mothers and generations before them.

Years ago Lent was a serious time for everyone.

No dances, no pubs and not even a wedding.

Cinemas were closed and everyone entered into a deep fast from the things of the world.

Today its different, the spirit of Lent has not changed but the living out of it has.

We are still encouraged to fast from alcohol, obsessive eating, drugs and many things that destroy our lives – yes even the silent killer SUGAR. Lent is a time to fast from selfishness, jealousy, anger, resentment, hatred, racism, swearing and all things that stop us from being the kind of people that God wants us to be.

But Lent is more.

Lent is a time to become aware of all the things in our lives that stop us from being free.

The things that imprison us, guilt, shame and fear.

Lent is a time to come face to face with God and to hear what He is asking of us. It’s a time for reality and a real sincere look at who we are.

Lent lasts for forty days and takes us right up to Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

During these days we are asked to pray more and to take a new look at the needs of our neighbours.

In every country Christians are encouraged to think of the poor, not only the poor of the world but the poor on our doorsteps, the poor in our families and the poverty within ourselves.

Our greatest poverty is often our need for God.

In the midst of a broken world ravaged by war, violence, corruption and poverty we are called in this Lenten time to change the world.

We might ask how we can change the world? it’s easy.

If 10 of you reading this column decided to change your lives, become more Christian, give up the things that create chaos in your life and live the

Good News the world would change.

In other words to ‘give up your auld sins’

Lent is a time for courage, the courage to stand up and be counted for what is right, what is Christian and what can make a difference to the world.

Its lent all over the world, lets make a difference and live Lent with a spirit of forgiveness, love, abstinence and prayer.

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