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The laptop device is still one of the performance support that is needed by modern society, whether it’s just for entertainment, working on assignments to work. But if you look at the current market, there are lots of variants that you can buy.

However, not everyone knows and really understands what kind of device fits and fits their needs. Therefore, they often buy wrong, either because they are not fast enough, there is no such thing, there is no such thing, and the like.

Well, on this occasion we will try to discuss some tips on choosing a laptop that fits your needs. That way, you will not be disappointed again after buying it. Check out the full review below .

Obviously the first is a matter of specifications where you should carefully consider this section. If it’s just to do the task, maybe a dual core (2.5GHz) or Core i3 chip with 4GB of RAM is quite capable. Because they only need to run browser applications and MS Office applications or something like that. As for entertainment only, you can also use the same specifications as your needs, but if you are entertaining high-class gaming, it is recommended to buy a Gaming Laptop, the price of which is over Rp. 20 million.

Well, if you want to work, it is recommended that at least a Core i5 with 4GB RAM or can be even higher, and already using an SSD which has a reading speed several times faster than the HDD. Because the work really cannot be delayed and must be made as comfortable as possible. So, when needed suddenly the laptop is not slow and reliable.

The appearance is ok, the specifications are right and it looks very satisfying, but the budget is not appropriate, so you still can’t make a purchase guys. But you don’t worry, because you can enjoy some promos where the price is definitely more tilted than usual.

Sometimes at the beginning of the presence / new laptop, the price is more affordable and when it sells well, the retailers will increase the price. So, there’s nothing wrong with looking for the latest models, yeah guys. If it really can’t, it might reduce the need for specifications such as SSD to HDD only, or maybe a Core i5 chip to a Core i3 with a high-class clockspeed (2.5GHz and above).

The specifications are right, the right budget is not necessarily satisfying when we use it later, because information can fool the eyes of guys. So it’s better to watch a review of YouTubers who have already proven themselves how the performance and comfort of the Laptop you want to buy. Not only 1x, you can see some videos with similar discussions because they will certainly test different parts.

That’s the third guys tips on buying a laptop that suits your needs so you won’t be disappointed when you make a purchase later. Happy shopping.


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