Top 10 Hidden Chrome Tricks to Increase Your Productivity

top google chrome tricks

Most of the internet users prefer Chrome browser as their default browser and you might be one of them. If you are using Firefox and Opera then you must try Chrome at once. I bet at the end you’ll choose Chrome. Chrome is simply one of the best and fastest browsers in the world. If you still want a reason to love this browser then I can gave you many reasons to love it. Here I will share Top 10 Hidden Chrome Tricks using the Chrome browser. Knowing these tricks helps you make Chrome your default browser and if you are an already user then use these tricks to increase your productivity.

top google chrome tricks

#1 Multiple Accounts

If you are using multiple Google accounts for different purposes, then this is one of the best from top 10 hidden Chrome tricks you must know. This will be more beneficial when you need to open two or more accounts at same time. I am sure most of you open two different browsers of Chrome. Many users generally open one account in normal tab and other one is in Incognito window. This works pretty nice but what will you do if you want to open more than two accounts? Well here is the simple solution.

You haven’t to install any plugins. Just click on your profile circle and click on Add account. You can add as many accounts you want and the best thing is you can operate different accounts in different tabs in the same browsers without any problems.

#2 Install Apps Offline

Yes, you read that right. You can install apps in chrome browser just like you are installing software or apps in OS X or Windows OS. Some apps can be simply operated within the browser.

#3 Inbuilt Task Manager

Do you know that your Chrome browser has an inbuilt task manager like your Windows OS. You can explore your processor by pressing Shift + Esc button anywhere in the Chrome window. You can view all statistics like memory consumption, CPU usage and more.  Use the task manager to close the unresponsive tabs or more.

#4 Notepad

You can use this trick on any browser which supports HTML 5. You just paste the below code in the address bar.

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

#5 Access Another Computer’s Desktop

If you have two computers in different locations – for instance let’s say one is in office and the other is in your home, then this is one of the best tricks on the list. This is not just limited to two systems only, you can access multiple systems. For this,  install Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop app. This app must be installed in every system you want to access remotely.

#6 Hunt for Specific Sites from the Omnibar

To search for anything you must type your search term in the address bar and it will show you direct results, but do you know that you can change that. If you want a search result from a specific website or other search engine then you can easily do it by following these steps.

Go to Settings and under Search click on Manage search engines. You can select your preferences or add new ones also.

#7 Let Your Browser Create Your Password

If you are tired of creating new passwords for every new website then this is a solution. Well this is not the perfect one because this is the beta version from Chrome but you can try it at your own risk. To enable this feature type about:flags in address bar and press enter. Now look for Enable password generation. Select and enable it. Restart the browser for the changes.

#8 Use Desktop as Mobile Device

You can use your browser as a quick mobile device. This feature is mostly used by developers and that’s the reason I added this list. This can also be handy for you. To use desktop as a mobile device press F12 and a window with codes will open. Now click on the mobile icon and that’s it.

#9 Pin Your Favorite Tabs

It is much similar to bookmarking websites but it is a little different. By performing this you actually pin your favorite website that you generally visit everyday. To pin your favorite website right click on tab and click on Pin Tab.

#10 Voice Search

If you are using Android smartphone then you might be using this feature, but do you know that you can also use this advance feature right away from your desktop. To use this feature, go to Google and click on microphone symbol.

Hope you enjoy top 10 hidden Chrome tricks. If you have some more beneficial tips and tricks of Chrome that I forgot to mention here then feel free to add your suggestions in the comment box below.

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