Top 5 Female Computer Programmers in The World

Programming is a enthralling career option in today’s world.It has riddle,charm and money provided you do hard work to achieve the best.However it is a male dominant field. We often hear about top 10 programmers,web developers and all of them are males. But now a days we can see many females in this field. If we talk about the first ever female programmer,there is only one name”Ada Lovelace”.”Ada Lovelace” have same status in the world of computer programming as “Charles Babbage” in the world of modern computer. But other woman programmers are not far behind.

Here’s the list of top five female Computer programmers:

1. Jade Raymond

Jade Raymond graduated from St. George’s +//3//Q-school of+//3//Q-Montreal in 1992. Have you ever played “Assassin’s +//3//Q-Creed” ,if your answer is yes then you will be surprised to know that producer of Assassin’s Creed was Jade Raymond. She is very well known face in the world of programming. Bachelor in Computer Sciences. She started his career as a Programmer. Jade is a founder of Motive studios and Ubisoft Torronto.

Games:Jeopardy,Trivial Pursuit(Programmer)

Electronic Arts:The Sims On-line(Producer)

2. Sara Haider

She is well known for his programming skills. She is currently working as software engineer in twitter. She is specialized in Android App Development. Twitter’s 6 sec video feature was made by Sara Haider. Sara Haider graduated from the University of Waterloo. Another interesting fact in Sara Haider words “I consider myself a citizen of the world. I’m half Filipina, half Pakistani, but I hold Canadian nationality and live in San Francisco.”

3. Corinne Yu

Corrinne Yu is very famous as a game programmer. Yu attended California State Polytechnic University, Pomona to study electrical engineering before beginning her career as a professional programmer. Her first game as a programmer was for the King Quest series for the Apple II although she had her own 3D engine projects that she sold to various companies

She currently works as a principle engine architect with Microsoft Studios internal studio 343 industries She is known for her contribution in some famous games like Borderlands, Zombie, Unreal Engine 3 and Brothers in arms. Her most famous work is her contribution in the 2012 smash hit game, Halo 4. She has also won a national award in 2009 for Nuclear Physics research.

4. Amanda Wixted

The reason you are addicted to iPhone games is Amanda Wixted. Almost everyone has played the famous Farmville game and Amanda Wixted is the lady who has a lionshare in the development of the game. Amanda Wixted (born November 23, 1981) is a computer game programmer and founder of Meteor Grove Software. After graduating from the University of Arizona in 2005, Wixted took a job as a game programmer for SkillJam. There, she led a development team that created 10 mobile multiplayer games. Wixted also worked on a two-player turn-based strategy game while at SkillJam She has also worked with Zynga and Instagram. Currently, she is working as a consultant and manager for few small companies and has started her own company by the name of Turf geography club.

5. Tracy Chou

Tracy Chou is the finest example of how good can females are at diverse programming needs. With a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and Master Degree in Computer Science, she is a big name in the programming world. Tracy has the distinction of working with the topmost tech companies in the world. She has prior work experience at Pinterest, Quora and internship experience at Rocket Fuel Inc., Google, and Facebook.

In February 2015, Chou signed on as a consultant for the United States Digital Service, a consortium of technology practitioners trying to make government in the United States more efficient.

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