Top 5 Pokemon New to the Sixth Generation

I have been spending a LOT of time playing Pokemon Y as of late. It’s a little ridiculous how much time I’ve logged into the game since getting it. I’ve finished the story lines, almost caught ’em all, and my time with the game is winding down as I find less and less reason to play it. But all the time I’ve spent playing Pokemon Y has made me an expert on the new generation Pokemon, so I present you my list of my five favorite new pocket monsters. These aren’t the best, or strongest, or most badass–just the five I’ve enjoyed the most. I ruled out the Mega Evolutions–because they’re either awesome or silly–but otherwise, everything is fair game.
Top 5 Pokemon
Litleo was the Pokemon that I was most excited to catch and train (read: play with in Pokemon Amie) in the sixth generation. He’s a little lion cub, which is adorable. He also has fire on him, which is awesome. Of course, Litleo and its evolution, Pyroar, are pretty much just average when it comes to Pokemon battles. Good thing I only keep this guy around for his looks.
Top 5 Pokemon
While I chose the Sail Fossil and received the Pokemon Amaura (and its evolution, Aurorus), Tyrun and Tyrantrum are obviously the cooler choice—which is saying a lot, since Amaura is an Ice-type (see what I did there?). Who hasn’t wanted their own badass T-Rex? Tyrantrum is also the more powerful of the fossil Pokemon in the Sixth Generation, and a pretty stable member of your party. His attack and defense stats are great, and he learns better moves than Amaura/Aurorus. Also, I may not have mentioned this: he’s a T-Rex.
Top 5 Pokemon
    The internet is pretty crazy about Sliggoo’s predecessor, Goomy. It’s also fond of Goodra, Sliggoo’s evolution. But I haven’t seen Sliggoo get much love out on the web, which is a shame. Sliggoo looks like a pink and purple snail, and has a goofy smile and goofy eyes. Sliggo learns some excellent moves, had decent stats, and is a pure Dragon type—which has few weaknesses. I liked my goofy-looking Sliggoo more than my, well, goopy-looking Goodra. Team Sliggoo all the way!
Top 5 Pokemon
   You may have heard of Aegislash—this is the Ghost-type Pokemon that looks like a sword and shield. They hype about Aegislash online was huge before the game came out, and he didn’t disappoint. A third evolution, Aegislash has excellent attack and special attack stats, making its weaknesses not that upsetting. He also learns some fantastic moves. Also, I gave mine the nickname Sting. That is all.
Top 5 Pokemon
   Yveltal is the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Y. My brother got X, and I was initially sad because I wanted the pretty deer legendary Pokemon. And then I met Yveltal. He’s a Dark/Flying type BIRD OF DEATH. Literally. He was going to be a weapon used to destroy most of life on the Poke-Planet, but then I caught him and now we’re besties. I pet him on the head, and feed him Poke-Puffs, and also use him to mow down the Elite Four and the Champion without breaking a sweat. I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Yveltal.
Have you been playing Pokemon X or Pokemon Y? You should also leave a comment below telling me your favorite new Pokemon! Narrowing the list down to five was so difficult! I didn’t even get any of the starters on there (and, though I deliberately left out the Mega Evolutions, those are awesome, too).

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