Top Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge / Edge Plus Cases

Finding it hard to settle on a good case or cover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or Edge Plus?

Well, after all the wait and rumors surrounding Samsung’s “Next Big Thing”, the new curved Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge / Edge Plus is out. This new device features a complete new design compared to the Galaxy S5 and even its similar model the Galaxy S6.

The S6 Edge front design is what sets apart its look compared to the regular S6. As you may already know, the curved screen borrowed from the Galaxy Note Edge design features on both right and left edges of the Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge Plus.

As a new entry into the market with not much history on how durable the S6 Edge curved display is, the best advice and decision is to protect this expensive technology with gentle handling and surely a case or cover.

We have rounded up on this page the best cases and covers to choose for your Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge Plus.

Note – List will be updated if necessarily daily when good and notable cases arrive.

Otterbox Symmetary Casegalaxy

If you hard hopes Otterbox will develop a Defender case for the Galaxy S6 edge just like it did on the regular S6 then I am sorry to say that won’t be happening soon or maybe never.

Well, that doesn’t mean the Galaxy S6 Edge will not get any case from manufacturers Otterbox. Otterbox made just one line of case suitable for the Galaxy S6 Edge; the Otterbox Symmetry.

The Otterbox Symmetry is a slim profile case that offers all round protection except for the screen (you will need to purchase a S6 Edge screen protector separately). The Symmetry case has raised bezels in front to prevent the S6 Edge from scratches when lying on a flat surface.

The case is easy to install with just a snap and fits perfectly in a pocket without adding any bulk.

See price and user reviews for Galaxy S6 Edge Otterbox Symmetary.


Spigen Neo Hybrid Casegalaxy2

Spigen over the years have produced dependable cases for many models of smartphones. It’s no surprise we decided to top the list with the Neo Hybrid case from Spigen. The Neo Hybrid case is built with design in mind, which is to maintain a slim profile unlike other bulky cases and at the same time fully protect from falls and bumps.

This protection is achieved with a TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) layer which houses the Galaxy S6 and a stylish Polycarbonate frame which holds tight the TPU and also does well in taking shocks when the phone falls. The TPU material also covers the power and volume keys making it easy to press.

Color options come in Champagne Gold, Gunmetal and Satin Silver.

See price and user reviews for Galaxy S6 Edge Spigen Neo Hybrid case.

Supcase Full Body Rugged – Unicorn Beetle PRO Seriesgalaxy3

Second on the list as the best case for Galaxy S6 Edge is the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series case. At $21 this is by far one of the worthy cases to get at this price start. The best part is, this case packs in a lot of characteristics you wouldn’t find on a regular $21 case.

The case is made from TPU and PC materials. Has a front protective casing with raised bezels to protect the screen and a very strong back cover for absorption of heavy falls and bumps. Ports are well covered to prevent dust and debris from entry. The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series also comes standard with a swiveling belt clip holster which is something you never will see on a case at this price.

Colors come in five different choices.

See price and user reviews for Galaxy S6 Edge Supcase Unicorn Beetle PRO Series.

Verus Galaxy S6 Edge Card Slot Case – Damda Slidegalaxy4

Another case producer making waves in the phone world is Verus. The new redesigned Damba slide case for the Galaxy Edge S6 is well-constructed to protect the curved edge display of the S6 by extending the down and top edges by 1.4mm longer to lift the screen off any flat surface thereby preventing scratches when faced down.

The protruding rear-camera lens also falls deep into the case and this prevents scratches on the lens. As a card slot or wallet case, you get the option to slot in ID’s and credit cards to the card slot opening located back of the case.

Come in Red, Satin Silver, Dark Silver, Shine Gold and Special Yellow colors.

See price and user reviews for Galaxy S6 Edge Versus Card Slot Case.

Speck CandyShell Gripgalaxy5

Speck offers quality cases and covers for all models of phones and even gets selected by most phone companies has official recommended cases. The CandyShell Grip is from a wide range of cases Speck has made for the Galaxy S6 Edge. The case comes in two mixed color combination. Has a soft inner layer that makes putting on and taking off the case from the S6 Edge very easy. Military grade design and pattern promise full functionality of your phone when it drops and also firm grip of your phone; suitable when taking pictures.

Color options come in Black/Slate Grey, Charcoal Grey/ Dragon Green, Deep Sea Blue/ Lipstick Pink, White/Black.

See price and user reviews for Galaxy S6 Edge Speck CandyShell Grip case.

Verus Heavy Drop Protectiongalaxy6

The Verus Heavy drop case is a very slim case considering the build materials. As the name suggests, it really is a case designed to make your galaxy S6 Edge withstand heavy drops. It’s a dual-layered case. Has inner-shock absorption pattern and reinforced corners. The outer Polycarbonate material is SF coated, meaning it’s soft and provides a firm grip.

The Verus Heavy Drop Protection cases come in nine different colors.

See price and user reviews for Verus Heavy Drop Galaxy S6 Edge case.

Urban Armor Gear Case (UAG) Casegalaxy7

If you are looking for a case that matches the likes of a Otterbox case, the UAG case is a good alternative. This fantastic lightweight case meets the military drop-test standard. It has a soft interior and hard Polycarbonate exterior with reinforced rubberized edges to prevent the S6 Edge from sliding off a flat surface.

The UAG Galaxy S6 Edge cases come in two color options; Ice and Ash.

See price and user reviews for UAG Galaxy S6 Edge case.

Obliq Ultra Slim Fit Galaxy S6 Edge Casegalaxy8

The Obliq Ultra Slim Fit case is a case designed for users who want to protect their Galaxy S6 Edge without adding excessive bulk. This case does not make much of a different in thickness compared to the phone itself. The outer material of the Obliq Ultra Slim Fit case is SF coated for perfect grip.

Obliq Ultra Slim Fit case comes in seven different color options.

See price and user reviews for Obliq Ultra Slim Fit Galaxy S6 Edge case.

Spigen Air Cushion Galaxy S6 Edge Bumper Casegalaxy9

If not the best, this Spigen bumper case is definitely among the top bumper cases out on the market for the Galaxy S6 Edge. Bumper cases are minimalistic cases and as such perform less in protection compared to tough cases like the Spigen Tough Armor Case, Verus Thor case and the Otterbox series of cases.

Everyone has their own preference and reason why they would go for a bumper case. With this Spigen bumper case, you get a clear back polycarbonate material that protects from scratches. The bumper itself is made of hard TPU material with air cushion technology at the corners for resistant to bumps and falls.

Color options come in five types; Crystal Clear, Gunmetal, Metal Slate, Mint and Space Crystal.

See price and user reviews for Spigen Air Cushion Galaxy S6 Edge Bumper case.


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