Torrentz2eu has brought Torrentz to life again


As if the news of shutting down of Kickass Torrent was not enough to create a chaos among the Torrent lovers that soon it was announced that is also coming to a halt. In amidst of all kinds of drama happening on Internet regarding the Torrents, Kickass Torrent was brought back to life and soon followed the path. sprung back to being online in the form of a clone site (just as was the case with Kickass Torrent). The origin of its services is unknown and how has it appeared still poses a question. Yet it presents itself as a perfect replacement with similar UI and design of Torrentz and the identical Search and Help bar.

The clone site of the torrent search engine website,, is named and is aimed to keep the original site alive and maintain its functioning.It displays the following message on visiting the site: “ is a clone of Torrentz, a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines”. It also says. “We will always love you Torrentz. Goodbye.”

After shutting down of Kickass Torrents and its other popular clone sites due to the detainment of Artem Vaulin, the owner of Kickass Torrents; too had shut down its portal on last Friday.

Several clone sites appeared after shutting down of the original site. This was seen as retribution from the pirates and an initiation of another war in the world of piracy. The owner of, one of the most popular clones that were regenerating; claimed that somebody or the other will keep the shutting site alive; although was too pulled down not more than a week later.

Even though has brought Torrentz to life again yet for how long would it be able to survive is unknown and cannot be commented upon.

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