Tribal Leadership And Its Connection To The Fluid Agents

Tribal Leadership is a book about how to build world-class culture in an organization. It describes five developmental stages for individuals and organizations, and correlates these stages with worldviews, or general outlook on life. The three higher stages of this model happen to be exemplified in my latest blog post on “the new fluid world”, which I found to be an interesting… coincidence. (Or parallell, rather.)

I got this book recommendation from my friend Davie Estjärna. He said something like – “Wow, you’ve gotta see how this development model for organizations ties into the AQAL integral framework and the Action Logics levels!” – and of course I had to check it out. I found out that Zappos, the ecommerce company famous for having probably the world’s best customer service, are using this book in their basic employee training and that they helped distribute a free audio version of the book on their website. Excellent! (You should download and listen to it immediately, really.)

One way of describing the three higher stages (let’s disregard the lower two – they’re mostly dysfunctional and irrelevant) is:

  • Stage 3: Playing for personal success
  • Stage 4: Playing for team success
  • Stage 5: Playing for global success

So, in the “fluid world” post I talked about

  • “Fluid resources” (which facilitates individual and independent self-expression = stage 3)
  • “Fluid organizations” (which promotes strong internal culture = stage 4)
  • “Fluid ideas” (which enables creative solutions that creates synergy even between parties that may have been each others’ competitors – or “win-win-win” = stage 5)

Does this sound hard to achieve in your organization? That’s precisely why I’m wholeheartedly recommending you get your hands on Tribal Leadership. You can get the audio version for free HERE. Will you do it? Or have you already read/listened to it? Please share!