Trick to Get Free 50$ FB Ads + 100$ Adwords + 50$ Bing Vouchers and Free Hosting

Here is my another amazing Secret Trick to get free bundle stuff of 50$ Facebook Ads Voucher Code + 100$ Google Adwords Voucher Code + 50$ Bing Voucher Code and a Free Shared Hosting plan without paying a single cent or adding any  credit card details, isn’t that amazing?

In this tutorial, I will tell you how to avail the below mentioned stuff for no cost at all!
Free Shared Web Hosting Account.
50$ Free Facebook Ads Voucher Code
100$ Free Google Adwords Voucher Code
50$ Free Bing Ads Voucher Code
Optional: You can get 1$/Year hosting account too.

Don’t forget to check Trick to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts.So, lets start the free Bundle Magic!

1) First of all, Click Here to Register and click It’s Free Join Now! to fill the complete signup form.

2) Next, you need to select the required information as below and press the Checkout Button.

3) You are now successfully registered without paying anything as shown in the screenshot below. Now, click the Control Panel link.

4) Accept the Terms of Services and press Save & Continue Button.

5) You will be asked to complete the Survey & Poll. Select anything of your choice or skip it.

6) Scroll down and you will see Marketing Services section. Click on (i) Facebook Ad Credit, (ii) Bing Ad Credits and (iii) Google Adwords.

6.(i): Press Get Started Button and you will see a notification that says “Facebook Credits are available 7 days after signup“. So, comeback again after 7 days and you will get the coupon code. As we all know that Facebook Ads Voucher Codes are very rare now, waiting 7 days for it without spending anything is not a big deal. You can also sale this voucher code for at least 10$ to 20$ online or use it in on your own FB Ads.

After 7 days, again click on same button and you will see a prompt message, click “Activate Your Ad Credit Now“.

The page will refresh, now click again on same button and you will get another message “Use Facebook Now!“.

Hurreyyy!….. You have got a free Facebook Advertising Credit of 50$.

6.(ii): Bing Ads do not work in some countries, so, you might need Zenmate Free Proxy Surfing to change your IP anonymously.

6.(iii): In Google Adwords page, enter your Email ID and press give me my code. You will see your 100$ worth Adwords Promo Code as shown in the screenshot below. Copy it and use it in your own account or sale it online for least 10-20$ minimum.

Enjoy..! You can use this trick to create unlimited coupon codes and hosting accounts. Don’t forget to check our Trick How to Use One Email ID creating Multiple Accounts.

Bonus Promotion (Optional)

You can also upgrade your Free Account account into 1$/Year unlimited hosting with following features. Avail This Offer Going Thru This Link:


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