VitualBox VMs increase disk size

I am using VirtualBox as VM platform for different OS’. Last time I’ve investigated kafka messaging system I’ve created simple VM based on the ubuntu OS. Disk was created by default with size amount 8 Gb.

During investigation I’ve found that kafka stores a lot of files (related to configuration) and free space on my disk is very low, I’ve decided to extend it, but did not found standart ( on menu ) option to do it. After investigation VirtualBox documentation I’ve found option how can I to do it.


  • Go to the VitualBox VM folders, usualy it’s

     ~/VirtualBox VMs/

  • Run next command

     [path to VBox]/VBoxManage modifyhd [name of VM].vdi --resize [size in MB]

  • Start your VM and resize your partition Disk Management for Windows or GPartition for Linux

That’s All 🙂

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