DIGITAL clearVISN VLAN Manager V1.0

DIGITAL clearVISN VLAN Manager V1.0

Create port-based virtual LANs across FDDI backbones

quickly and efficiently with DIGITAL clearVISN VLAN Manager



The DIGITAL clearVISN VLAN Manager is a graphical, SNMP (Simple Network

Management Protocol) application that enables network managers to configure

and manage virtual local area networks (VLANs) as implemented within the

enVISN architecture. A VLAN is defined as a limited broadcast domain comprised

of groups and/or members that are linked logically, regardless of physical


clearVISN VLAN Manager is a key component of the clearVISN strategy, providing

the necessary abstraction of device data to allow management at the network

level rather than the device level. VLAN Manager complements clearVISN

MultiChassis Manager by using a logical approach to effect moves, adds,

and changes across the organization.

With the clearVISN VLAN Manager, VLANs can be created by simply defining

collections of member ports selected from a directory of switches and switch

ports provided in a VLAN Manager window. VLAN Manager automatically sends

the appropriate SNMP information to the list of switches affected and assigns

the appropriate ports to that VLAN. Members can be attached to VLANs by

simply dragging a switch port to a defined VLAN name. Groups of members

can then be moved from one VLAN to another by dragging the group name or

any member of the group and dropping it on the desired VLAN name.

As a key application in Digital’s clearVISN network management solution,

the VLAN Manager can be integrated with other clearVISN applications through

the clearVISN Core.

The clearVISN VLAN Manager supports DECswitch 900EF, DECswitch 900FO and

PEswitch 900TX switches. The application runs under Microsoft Windows 95

and Windows NT on both Intel and Alpha hardware.

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