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Just in case you are not able to access waptrick on the domain name waptrick.com, you can try waptrick.one or wapdam.com.



Waptrick.one is the new domain address of the popular mobile site waptrick.com. Entering any of the old domain address will redirect you to waptrick.one. The site has changed domain names several times, though it still redirects you to the main site with the new name waptrick.one. Another address that redirects to the site is the popular wapdam.com. Even though it’s not known why the site has lots of redirects, nevertheless it is a great site and it works well. So be sure to check these sites address if you ever want to access the popular mobile download site waptrick.

About Waptrick.one

Waptrick.one is a site for downloading mobile games, songs, phone apps all for free. The site has been around for long before the advent of this modern smartphones. And the best thing about it is that it is still very much active and updated on a regular basis. All the content on waptrick is available for free download. Waptrick monetizes through Google Adsense adverts placed on the site.

What are the Categories on Waptrick.one?

The categories on Waptrick include games, videos, songs, and applications. Below the page, there is also an update section where new files are added on a daily basis. You can also browse through the photo gallery, photos, and pictures which are all very interesting. Some of these videos include short videos, funny clips and mp4 videos.

Wapdam Songs Download

On this platform, there are thousands of mobile games available to download. More importantly, the games are categorized by most downloaded games and by genres. The genres on waptrick.one includes;

The numerous game genres provide users with the exact type of game to download.

Note: you may be required to pay via SMS to download some games from waptrick.

Just like games found on waptrick.one, it also offers lots music in Mp3 format. The song music is also categorized into lots of different genres. You can also choose to download the top song downloads around the world or top downloads within your vicinity. Note that some of these genres carry sub-genres, so the list is endless. You will find even traditional african songs on waptrick.one that you may not find anywhere else on the internet.

On this platform, you can download Films, videos, video clips all in 3gp or mp4 formats. The main categories in this section includes;

Also, you can download videos in this category as well.

Why should I Download from Waptrick.one?

Waptrick offers free collection of mobile apps and games, free songs. One important thing to note is that different kind of songs, and games on waptrick have numerous genres. Files available for download on the site are much. Music’s cover various genres including African songs from various countries and culture.

How to Download from Waptrick.one

Downloading from waptrick.one is very easy and fast. Depending on the file you want simply browse through the various file categories and select the file to download. For some selected videos, you can choose to download in 3gp or mp4 (low and high quality).

Note: There are two options to download files from waptrick.one. Fast download and slow download. When you choose to use fast download, you will be required to download and use an app; ‘download manager’.

While the slow download involves default download. I recommend you use UC Browser to download files from waptrick.one.


Waptrick is a good site for downloading mobile files like games, videos. The site offers numerous Mp3 songs, short videos in high-quality format and in various genres. Country or Traditional song that you won’t normally find on other sites, chances are you will get it on waptrick.one