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Ways to Decorate Your Student Home This Halloween

Brace yourselves, saints and sinners! Halloween is upon us and there is much to do! With less than  24 hours to go till Halloween, a lot of us can sure feel the excitement building up. Preparing for trick or treaters and sorting out fancy dresses and costumes is probably on your list of things to do (of course, aside from other priorities), but first, let’s talk Halloween decorations!

Now, I know quite a lot of people who never really made a big deal out of Halloween celebrations, including yours truly. However, it seems that downplaying this one night is almost impossible to do in uni where we see flyers after flyers hyping up Halloween events and offers! Understanding that the majority of us are on a budget, we can’t afford to splurge too much on props that will only be used for just one night, or one week. So, here is a list of DIYs and bargains to spice up your student homes or flats for this spooky festive season without going overboard on costs.

These are just some of the many ideas around for livening up your homes this Halloween. Get creative and have fun! Just because we’re celebrating the night of the dead (dun dun dun!) doesn’t mean we have to act like one. Decorating can be so much more fun when done with friends so have a laugh. That being said, happy Halloween!!!

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