New wearable gadget Near Field Communication NFC Ring


Rings! It is one of the beautiful accessories which everyone loves to wear whether a girl or boy. Just imagine if the technology relates to your lovable accessory then what new power it can get?

John McLear, a UK based innovator, has tried this experiment and created a glittering Ring having certain technique, NFC (near field communication) attached to it. Yes the resultant id NFC Ring. Near-field communication (NFC) is a technique which allows separate devices to communicate through radio communication when they’re near each other without touching. After Google glass, smart watch, now its turn of NFC Ring to join the queue of wearable technology.

This unique, ravishing and charming NFC ring can unlock your mobile screens, unlock your door and even can send your information to others (on your choice). The content is exchanged wirelessly between cell phones and other devices. What’s more amazing about this NFC Ring is, it does not need any Charging. So its charge free, which makes it fuss free for users.

The working of the ring is very simple. To unlock you phone screen all you have to do is slide you hand with NFC ring under your phone and the work is done. The phone screen will be unlocked without touching. In order to use this precious ring, it requires installing a special app. It can allow you to lock or unlock your door without a key.

The key is built in 3 parts: private, public and metal. Thus it is secure in case of sharing information. It only shares that information which user wants rest is covered under private zone. In case of appearance it looks as beautiful and glamorous as simple silver ring. Each private and public inlay has 144 byte capacity which appropriate to store some personal data or share information like digital calling card or websites or any other useful information.

Right now this gadget is under process and is a part of Kick-starter project. You can watch videos about its working and get more information at its official site shown below:


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