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Search engine crawlers which select and present the information to those who make the queries, have their own way of deciding the quality of the pages and giving it SEO Ranking. Those who want their pages to be seen by others have to understand the basics of Search Engine Ranking and modify their sites accordingly.

Beauty queens or Olympic medallists are those who rank first among the competitors. The rule is pretty much common in every arena of human activity. Rank decides success and recognition in too many fields of human endeavor. Search engines may not be human, but are powered by humans, and so stick to the human rule of selective ranking, thus making Search Engine Ranking the most important criterion for acceptance and recognition in the web world.

When a person initiates a search on any topic, millions of web sites come running marathons, bearing the necessary information. The searcher has no time to go through all the sites for that little bit of information and has to restrict his search to just a handful of them. He restricts his reading to only those, which jumps into his vision first of all, and these are the sites, which have a Search Engine Ranking. In other words, these have been accepted as the best by the search engines because of the SEO Ranking it has got.

The yardsticks that search engines employ for giving a Search Engine Ranking for a site cannot be as error-free or efficient as the yardsticks humans use for selecting a medallist. However, the crawlers of the search engines, which are the ones that give these sites an SEO Ranking, do a reasonably good job. A crawler relies on what is referred to as an algorithm, for giving the sites the Search Engine Ranking. These algorithms vary from search engine to search engine, but they do have some very common characteristics. First of these is their ability to recognize a keyword, which is the topic that the net surfer types into the search box. And it searches for this word in the millions of sites that are clamoring for attention.

The presence of the keyword in the floodtide of sites is the first selection criteria that the crawler uses for giving the site the relevant SEO Ranking. First it will look for the keyword in the HTML title tag. Then it will look for the keyword in the first few paragraphs as well as calculate the overall frequency of the keyword in the contents. It will give a higher Search Engine Ranking to the site in which it can find the relevant keyword in all the locations that it is searching for it. Some site owners overdo the keyword use on their pages, and this in fact lowers the ranking.

Though keyword frequency is a method relied on by all search engines for Search Engine Ranking, it is not the only criteria for ranking, and there are thousands of other parameters taken into consideration for ranking a site. You will find that results for a query are different when done through different search engines. Some search engines index web pages at lesser frequencies and so at any given time has a smaller collection of pages than others. So the Search Engine Ranking each one gives to the pages will be different from what another search engine gives.

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