Why Fo We fail?

cdOur society today, through the wonders of Look at my remarkable life, has bred a whole generation of people who want to be legends and super-heroes even before hatching entirely out of their eggs.


Blame it on the consumer culture globally or the Fear Of Missing Out Syndrome (FOMO) that most of us had experienced, every third people in today’s date want to do something great that will lead them to glory, respect, and legacy with a shortcut.

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They either want to bypass deep learning or want to learn too many things at once and grow their branches everywhere.


We feel that it is only “Me” who is lacking the zeal and enthusiasm to do something big when the whole world is propelling past me towards greatness.


Consider a mango sapling. You plant it in your backyard and let it grow gradually over the years to relish the first fruit. Had you been impatient and tried to accelerate the growth with lots of fertilizers, the plant would have probably died.


It would be best if you also pruned it regularly to get quality fruit. If you don’t cut the unnecessary branches, the quality of mango will be substandard, or there will be no fruit at all. The fruit is the last thing that the tree will give you.


Similarly, if an individual or business tries to grow in all direction at once, It will be nowhere. Patience is the key, along with persistence.


In the year post-2015, there were 5780 registered start-ups formed in India, with the average age of the founder being 24 years. As I write this book, many more are adding to the number.


If you check through your social media friend list, there is a high chance of finding some of the listing ‘Founder,’ ‘Partner,’ ‘Owner’ ‘Influencer’ for example, with a further link to a company website which you probably have never heard of before.


The hard truth is that out of every ten business in the world, two never really get it moving; five fails by the end of 2nd year and two more by the 5th year. A company moving beyond five years is the probability of 1 out of 100 and sometimes even less.


There is a very high chance that you will never be rich. I am not saying this, but the odds are significantly against you. The world has 7.7 billion people.


In the 32nd annual Forbes list of the world’s billionaires, the aggregate wealth of the top 20 wealthiest people on Earth amounts to about 13% of all billionaires’ fortunes combined. A record of 2,208 billionaires was in the ranking, and the total wealth was $9.1 trillion


So your winning odds are 0.0000315%.


The factors that will keep you averagely poor are –


Your parents are not billionaires.


You have never known any billionaire up and close except for your boss and in news articles.


You don’t know what the exact amount of money you need to live life comfortably forever is.


You are still not sure of the exact steps that will get you the money.


You are an employee to someone, or you have a business for which you are an employee.

You have no idea how a billion-dollar lifestyle feels like, apart from what you get to know from social media and magazines; which are mostly inaccurate.


You work every day to survive, probably surviving lavishly. The business you run is not even in the top 1000 in that category. The job you do is something where you are replaceable.


You seek advice from people or follow those who are probably as unsuccessful as you are.


Although you pretend to be doing great, your work and your business are failing or going nowhere.


You hustle to keep yourself busy, not productive.


You have never experienced a whole year of happiness and contempt in your life till now.


Hence there is a slim to none chance of your career or business will ever make you productive.


A business never fails because of the company, but because of the way of doing the business. You, as the business owner is a FAILURE.


If you are still struggling with your business or career after five years, swallow the hard truth – It is not for you. Do something else.

You can blame your failure on society, on your government, your customer, your product, or maybe the whole world. However, the universe, the community, or even people around you don’t care for your reasons.


Understand this. Your vehicle causes an accident because you are a lousy driver. The road is the same, so it is your car and traffic.

If others can drive safely, why can’t you?


There is nobody else to blame, grow up, admit your responsibility, clean up the mess, and get going. Don’t expect sympathy from anyone or a new opportunity knocking on your door.

Aly Chiman

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