Why Not To Download Cracked Stata 15? An Advice for Stata Users

Why Not To Download Cracked Stata 15? An Advice for Stata Users

We recommend not to download Cracked Stata 15 as this has a severe consequences for your machine. There is a very huge tendency and social media groups activity where the cracked Stata 15 version has been requested and shared. This has put some malicious and ill intended internet users put to create fake website links offering downloads and cracked Stata 15 for free. We strongly recommend not to download such cracked version of Stata 15 or any older version.

Some websites offer to download extensions for your browsers with exact names of like Cracked Stata 15 with .exe file format. We recommend never to download these type of files. This can be very dangerous in the sense that the file will hijack the browser and all your passwords and form entries could be transmitted to the owner of the file from where you downloaded the Cracked Stata 15 file.

Cracked Stata 15 initially feels very good when you search on Google and a link is given to download it. This easy go and get the Stata 15 makes your PC very much affected by malicious links and most probably your internet browsers will be hacked and hence you will see many unwanted websites popped up on each click and or you would see spam in your emails or Facebook pages. We strongly recommend not to download such files with the .exe file extension for the Cracked Stata 15 version.

Is there any free Stata 15 available?

Yes, you can download fully function Stata 15 from the official Stata website to use for 30 days. This will help you complete your thesis with extensive Econometric Analysis if you ask our freelancers to help you as it will be easy for you to get the work done in a week or two for full data analysis.

Secondly, the AnEc Center for Econometrics Research is going to start a new trend of offering a semester wise licence for Stata with each enrollment for the online course in Econometrics Research. You can find our online courses in Econometrics and Research in the following.


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