Why Women Don't Do Programming?

Being a Programmer, the most confusing statement I hear is ” why are women not programmers”? Indeed women are very hard workers, sincere with their tasks, and get high grades in exams but still their existence in Programming and in field work is very low. There are many factors behind this and we try to discuss all these points with details and share the opinion of psycholinguists about it. The idea behind this article is to make peace between women and programming.

Environmental Factor

Environment certainly plays a role in the gender gap however, not all cultures seem to have this issue. Women face many social limitations in the way of learning . In South Asia the woman’s family dislikes it if she is going to work out of city. Women don’t go outside freely to join helping forum or discussion forum as compare to men . These Factors some time become a major reason which shut the door of their programming career.

Lack of Motivation

According to a latest survey there are small amount of women in software development. Being a software developer I know  that this ratio is less than 50%. With this small amount of existence, women could not find an ideal female programmer to follow. Software Engineering Boys has their career hero and ideal like Steve Jobs Bjarne Stroustrup, Bill Gates  but who is the queen programmer of women? I think many people even don’t know their name if any woman achieves great goals and earn name like these guys. This sometimes discourages them and they are not interested to continue their programming task as field work.

Way of thinking

Women have different way of thinking .They work hard, they score good mark, they make their project good but they rarely want to work outside of the bookish study. Let me share an example of my life , in our class there are few good programmers include two women who has good study habits and has great ways of thinking in problem solving. They always score high marks in programming , but this summer when a company offered them an internship , they totally leave it and go for further study of the next subject. This means women just want to study and never interested to enter in real world problems . They think that grades are most important than real world problem in software engineering so they waste all their energy on grade and does’n play their role in  field work.


This point is just for fun and I share it with you to describe that ” Why women are not good for manager post in software engineering”. Women, young and old, married or single, educated or not, seem to be jealous of each other whenever they come together. The women can’t work in group and this is the reason they didn’t have a great community to represent them as a programmer community. I Wish after reading this some women think about it seriously and make a huge commitment to prove my words false :).

Nature of the Job

The Nature of the programming job is different from other jobs. In programming its does’n matter weather it is day or night, morning or evening , you have to sit in front of PC until you solved your programming problems and errors in  code. Man can afford it but its seems very difficult for women due to family issues. I want to add one more thing of  childhood that:
“Girls Play With Dolls, Boys Play With Computers”

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