Using the WordPress Bulk Plugin to Install all Your Plugins at Once

Because I’m always looking at ways of speeding up the site development process,  I started discect my entire process looking at time saving measure.     One of the things that I’ve come up with is using a bulk plugin list and a tool I found to install all of the plugins I want with one click.  The plugin is called BULK PLUGIN INSTALLATION and is available free on WordPress through your plugin menu.

using bulk wordpress plugin

Once I have the plugin installed – it then creates a second Entry Box on the ADD NEW PLUGIN page.    I can add in as many plug-in titles as I want as long as I spell the name of the plugins that I’m trying to install correctly – and they are available in the WordPress plugin database.

I started with 10 plugins back in October, but know have expanded that significantly as I find new plugins that enrich the niche sites I build.   I simply paste the current list into the data window, and  it will automatically add them to the site.   I then activate each plugin as I want to use it.

Right now I currently install 24 different plug-ins on every site I build whether it be for myself or for a client.  Before using the bulk plug-in tool – Installing this many plugins could take up to an hour if not more.   Now I can set up an entire WordPress site with all the necessary plugins that I want inside of five minutes.   These plugins include everything from Yoast SEO to Google analytics to Jet Pack to and excellent Spammer registration Blockers and Security plugins including firewalls.    You name it and I can set it all up just with the click of a mouse.

Here is the current list of plugins btw that I use on my sites.

Better WP Security
Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin
Stealth Login Page
Jetpack by
Google Analytics
Google Author Link
WP Wizard Cloak
iQ Block Country
Advanced Automatic Updates
WordPress SEO by Yoast
Click-Fraud Monitoring
Business Directory Plugin
Wp Super Cache
Adsense Explosion
AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring Plugin
Wordpress Firewall 2
Google XML Sitemaps
Special Recent Posts FREE Edition
TimThumb Vulnerability Scanner
WP Auto Affiliate Links
AdSense Targeting
TentBlogger Add RSS Footer
Co-Authors Plus
Keep in mind that I don’t always activate each plugin as soon as I install it – but as I am crafting a site, I don’t have to mess around looking for a plugin to keep the progress flowing on what ever I am doing.
I do believe that there are other plug-ins that will do bulk installations but I’ve been using the the Bulk Plugin Installation Plugin for several months now and it has worked 100% accurate for me.
It’s a great way to save time and ensure I don’t forget to install a feature – and that all my sites framework is the same.
By the way this article was dictated using Siri on my iPhone.  Check out my recent article on my experimenting starting to use dictation to do my niche site articles here.
( This entire article took less than three minutes to dictate )

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