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Working from home helps mum

Kim Fraser with twins Evie and Lila, 3, and Casey, 4, balances her business Wa Wa Tree children’s clothing range with family life.

KIM Fraser hasn’t quite mastered the art of work-life balance, but she’s almost there.

The mum-of-four, 36, launched her children’s clothing label

earlier this year.

She takes care of every facet of the business, from designing to creating her tiny bespoke masterpieces.

And she does it all from her Gladstone home.

Giving birth to twin girls Evie and Lila, now 3, was the clincher for Ms Fraser.

“I couldn’t go back to work,” she said.

Once she gave up working outside the home, Ms Fraser started making clothes for her own kids.

What started as a hobby soon became a passion.

And now, a money maker for the entrepreneur.

With her three youngest not yet in school, Ms Fraser has to work around her children.

“I tend not to work so much when they’re awake. It’s too hard,” she said.

“So most nights I’m up until midnight getting work done.

“They go to day care on Mondays so I try to get the bulk of it done then.”

Ms Fraser doesn’t have to go to an office each day, but she still slogs it out.

“You have to work hard, it’s not easy – but you do get the rewards.

“It sounds corny but they say when you’re doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

“It’s true.”

Wa Wa Tree has really taken off.

Ms Fraser sells her wares

and at Tannum Sands’ monthly Beach Art Music festival. She also has stalls at the Calliope and Kmart markets.

Being self-employed with no staff means Ms Fraser has to limit the work she takes on.

“I’ve got as much work as I can handle at the moment, I can’t take any more orders up until Christmas,” she said.

Still, Ms Fraser said she was content.

“It was important for me to have something to do, but also to be here for the kids.

“So, I guess you could say I do have work-life balance.”

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