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on April 18, 2009

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on Saturday morning, April 18, 2009.

There’s nothing better than stomping the Iron Council into the ground and trekking back up the staircases to see a giant Titan dude emerge from the depths of Ulduar. If you haven’t seen him yet, Kologarn is so big that you actually only get to hit his regenerating arms and his giant-ass torso. For most folks, the strat is ridiculously simple—keeping everyone alive makes the encounter difficult. As always, having stellar DPS is an absolute must; however, there is no possible way to DPS any part of Kologarn from behind. What does this mean, kittens? No Shred. This is a Problem. Although Primal Gore boosts our Rip damage enough to keep us mostly viable for this fight, the sad reality is that you will be losing approximately 25% of your normal raid DPS (depending on the idol you use) here.

Fortunately, I had ample time last night to test out a variety of things in a patently unscientific manner to determine the best ways to make the most of your frontal DPS.

For what I did, you need this shit:

6.5% chance not to be dodged or parried. This is the soft expertise cap, and it’s CRUCIAL because you’re unable to stand behind the boss.

Being hit capped or close to hit capped is also important.

. EXCITING! This is only because you need a guardian elixir and it’s really the only choice.

. I realize that this is surprising.

A stack of

(40 Haste) or, if you’re not Expertise Capped, a stack of

(40 Expertise). I used Haste food, because I’m just below the soft Expertise cap.

. This serves to maximize your DoT damage, which is essentially the only thing you’ve really got going for you. Especially useful because your DoTs will still be ticking when you inevitably have to kite an Eye Beam or become a victim of Stone Grip.

. Unless you really fail and will absolutely need a health pot.

5/5 Feral Aggression. You want the extra Bite damage.

These buffs will also help tremendously:

. This can boost your Haste (if you happen to be lucky enough to be with your DK pal) by 20% for 20 seconds.

. No DK? Windfury Totems are still pretty awesome and provide 16% Haste.

. This is pretty self-explanatory, I believe.

The idea is to increase your melee Haste and boost your white damage—your auto attacks. The more auto-attacks you do, the greater chance you have to proc your Clearcasting ability. But hey, we can’t Shred! Why bother? Although you will ultimately have so many Clearcast procs that you won’t know what to do with yourself, here’s how how you can use up all that Energy:

Mangle spam. No joke. You’ll (mostly) be using Mangle to build combo points.

Savage Roar for four combo points. To start your rotation here, SR at two combo points.

Keep up Rake. But don’t clip it. Refresh this only when it’s about to run out.

Keep up Rip at five combo points. Same rules apply. Don’t clip your DoT here because you’re only going to lose out on damage. Refresh this only when it’s about to run out.

Ferocious Bite like it’s your goddamn job. You will OFTEN have five combo points and seemingly nothing to do with them. Use that to your advantage.

Use Tiger’s Fury and Berserk as appropriate.

So why does this work so well? I am also running at a flat, unbuffed 265 Haste Rating, which many of you other cats in similar gear may have. With onlythe Elixir of Lightning Speed and Imperial Manta Steaks, I’m bumped up to 350. I’m also gemmed for Armor Penetration and run with approximately 197 ArP unbuffed. If you count Grim Toll’s proc in there, that’s more like 809. When you combine the strategy outlined above (that has an emphasis on boosting physical damage done) with a significant armor reduction, now we’re talking.

Questions? Good luck with Kologarn!

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Cool thoughts- but the only thing I can think of is “Another nail in the coffin of combat daggers”.

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