Xiaomi Mi 4i common problems and their fixes.

Xiaomi Mi 4i common problems and their fixes.


Xiaomi Mi 4i common problems and fixes: Recently Xiaomi launched its new budget device Xiaomi Mi 4i. For all Xiaomi fans this is like WOW. Best part about Xiaomi Mi 4i is its good hardware configuration at decent price range. Xiaomi Redmi 1s if willing can upgrade to this device for few extra bucks. Xiaomi Mi 4i a sleek device with god cutting edges and is loved by tech fans all over the world. But recently I found that there are some issues with this smart phone which are causing problem to users. So just take a look at Xiaomi Mi 4i common problems and their fixes.

Xiaomi Mi 4i common problems faced by users:

Just read some possible solutions to all these problems:

Overheating of Xiaomi Mi 4i: This is one of the most common issue that users are complaining. It doesnt matter if you are heavy smart phone user or not device heats almost all the time. Well Xiaomi claimed that after recent update to MIUI 6.5.3 problem has been solved but this is not the case. To further reduce this heating issue you can turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi when not in use. Xiaomi Mi 4i is powered with Snapdragon 615 quad-core processor and is one of main reason for over heating

Also install any temperature controller and checker app from Google play store like battery temperature guard etc. These apps will monitor the temperature and warn you when too high.

If all these solutions doesnt work then wait for any next update from Xiaomi or to avoid too much heating just place your phone aside and stop doing any work until it cools down.

Battery drain very fast in Xiaomi Mi 4i: Not only with Mi 4i, battery drain issue is common with almost all Xiaomi smart phones. To increase battery life, turn off mobile data, Wi-Fi and GPS when not in use. Close unwanted apps in background to save memory as well RAM.

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