Reminiscing Old Memories with Yahoo Mail Notepad

I was checking the other day my old e-mail inbox on Yahoo Mail which I have not opened for ages. It had me reminiscing old memories. Still using the old interface (which I like better than the new AJAX-powered one), I was instantly interested at surfing the nooks and crannies of Yahoo! Mail’s old self and started checking contacts, calendars and mt yahoo mail notepad.

Yahoo Mail Notepad

Mind you, I’ve been using Google’s Gmail service since my friend Maui sent me an invite in the early months of 2006, and I only visit my Yahoo! Mail account once in a while just to remain it active, thus it was like a totally new forest once again.

And so there I was, clicking every link and re-experiencing Yahoo! Mail, internalizing the inbox like I was brought back in time, only it was more powerful now.

The new Yahoo! Mail interface has been out for a while now and account owners have had showed mixed emotions over it the very first time it was out for beta.

Hence, it was very late for me now to throw my two cents. What I would write about here instead was my re-experience with Yahoo! Mail’s old interface which brought back memories to me.

Re-reading my saved e-mails and attachments made me reminisce the old times. In those e-mails I saw old articles I sent to TODAY when I was actively contributing to it before it was merged with Manila Standard.

In there I caught glimpse of the pictures of myself I took when I was working for eTelecare…pictures that was taken using my first colored mobile phone, a Sony Ericsson K500i, which I fondly sent to my Yahoo! Mail account through Globe’s MMS.

A Moment in time with Yahoo Mail Notepad

But what really touched me were the texts that I wrote and saved in Yahoo! Mail’s notepad. Those reminded me of myself as a budding writer who desires to become big in the business. As we all know, I am not writing often nowadays and reading my previous write-ups was like making inventory of my treasures.

One note that I like was this thing I wrote for my architect friend Kyle Abraham years ago. In fact I don’t remember even writing it but it was there in my notepad time stamped “Jan 8, 2005 5:59pm.” It sounded like a eulogy to me so I have to ask Kyle if he ever asked to write something about him. His response later. Meanwhile, here’s the text:

No one can be compared with Arch. Kyle Abraham, that’s a sure thing. First, he is as unique as a chemical element yet he can mix with different people, some of whom are successful icons in architecture while some are as filthy in doing and in thinking.

I’ve known Kyle for more than half of my life, and the years that was spent with him and with the “barkadas” in general are worth more than remembering. Kyle can be referred to as “The One”. No, he doesn’t behave like Neo in The Matrix, nor does he look like Keanu Reeves. He is just the coolest and most interesting person one can take notice of in a bunch of rascals that are us.

Kyle is a confidant, a brother and a best friend to me and, while he is currently on a journey of meeting new people in his career, I know that he will be there when one of the “barkadas” needs him and his presence. Of course, he has his share of attitude, but that can be taken care of or maybe we are just so used to his uncanny syndromes.

Lastly, Kyle would always be the same person I knew ten years ago. Yes, he had changed a lot and more of these changes will come in the future, but these don’t conceal Kyle’s old self to us and to his family.

Kyle, good luck and always pray to God, OK? I am just a call away when you need a writer/researcher/friend/brother/banker/partner in crime and much more.

I sent Kyle a message on Facebook if he ever remembered this one. I said, “Did you ask me to write something about you years ago? Like 2005? Because I checked my old email in Yahoo! (I’m using Gmail since then) and there’s this Notepad icon that I never even noticed until tonight, and when I clicked it, it showed a write-up that was last edited January 8, 2005 5:59pm.

I wondered if you ever requested me to write a testimonial of some sort… Anyway, the facts in the write-up have changed now as I see it, or they are brazen with lies which is normal to writers. The thing is, I never even imagined I could write such thing because it was beautifully written. Or was I really good a writer back then?”

After all has been said, Kyle replied back “hehehe sa friendster tun (That’s for Friendster).” Funny, Kyle. I should thank him much for that very short reply…