Sony PlayStation is a big name in gaming industry. It is a popular destination for most of the gamers who loves to enjoy unstipulated gaming experience on the go. Sony has made evolution in gaming industry with this Play Station product. They have launched several versions of this popular gaming device. All are good and carries something unique in terms of functioning.

Till now I have discussed all positives about PS. Now let me flip the coin in second direction. All PS consoles (all versions I mean) comes with lights blinking problems. Users have categorized PS flashing lights in various terms. Popular names are YLOD (Yellow Light of Death), RLOD (Red Light of Death), RROD etc.

Here I will discuss some of the ways that can help you keep these lights away from PlayStation console. Simple solution is to never turn ON your console (sorry for this bad joke). Jokes apart, let me get to the main topic straight away.


How to avoid YLOD PS3

Most of the light issues come because of some common errors. These include temperature, dust, physical damage etc. These are the causes that arise because of human involvement. There are some other causes like improper soldering connections, ageing factors etc but as they are not in user’s hand so I am not discussing them. In order to avoid temperature damage, please make sure to use PS console in proper temperature conditions (Room Temperature +- 5 degrees). You can use external air fan in case of exceptions. Just make sure not to heat the PS unit above certain temperature limit.

For the dust factor, you need to clean your PS console on regular basis. Please do not try to keep dust away by simply covering your console with help of some cheap plastic covers or so. These covers will block the air valves and will increase the internal temperature of your PS3. It will eventually put you in lot of troubles. So please do not try this cheap stunt in any case.

Physical damage can be avoided with proper care and attention. Treat your Play Station like a family member and see how it responds. I know it will respond in positive manner and will last for a long time. These are some of the ways that you can try to keep blinking lights problem away from your favourite and beloved Sony PlayStation.

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