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SummerBoard themes are designed to be easy to make — here’s all you need to know to make a theme (or more) of your own:

SummerBoard themes reside on your iPhone in the folder below: /var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/

You have a folder per theme in there, with the following structure…


When you start Installer you will see only a handfull of applications. They are Nullriver’s apps, which include a BSD Subsystem and MobileTerminal. To access all third-party software available, do the following:

• Launch Installer on your iPhone. It will connect to the Internet and register…

Second Generation iPhone Nearing Completion

Posted on 09-25-2008 14:41:01 |



Researchers with investment bank Goldman Sachs said after meeting with several key suppliers and manufacturers in Asia that, in addition to revisions to the Apple TV and other products, they believe Apple will introduce two revisions to the iPhone in 2008; one minor and one major.

In a research note on Tuesday, David Bailey told clients that his Far Eastern contacts have lead him to believe that “Apple has several important new products lined up for 2008,” although none of them are expected to be as big as the initial iPhone launch.

First off is the second generation iPhone we’ve all been drooling about. He says it’s currently in it’s “final design phase,” and is expected to “have a similar form factor as the current version although it could have a different look and will probably include 3G capability.”

He says that the update will probably be launched some time next year, but that Apple will tie over consumers with “a smaller upgrade with more flash memory earlier in the year.”

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