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When you start Installer you will see only a handfull of applications. They are Nullriver’s apps, which include a BSD Subsystem and MobileTerminal. To access all third-party software available, do the following:

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iPhone Hackers Turn Up Some Vulnerabilities, Passwords

Posted on 08-08-2008 16:07:36 |



It’s no surprise that people have been hard at work trying to hack the iPhone pretty much from day one of it’s time on the open market, and apparently this hard work is starting to show results. According to , the first true iPhone vulnerability has been found just under 72 hours since it’s release that has the potential to allow an attacker some control over the device.

Thus far, the most serious of these flaws was reported by , and it resides in the iPhone’s Safari web browser, though they note that this may not be a particularly significant, nor unexpected flaw. As they put it:

“We are cheating, of course, it’s just the same bug we found earlier on Safari.”

“The scenario that seems most attractive is to have the phone dial 900 numbers,” Graham said, noting an age-old attack that allows criminals with ties to fee-based phone services to profit each time an infected computer dial the number. Despite this, however, they believe that the iPhone is more secure than the many smartphones that run other operating systems such as Windows Mobile or Symbian.

“While Apple is slightly behind Windows on the desktop/server (that Samba bug still appears to be unfixed), it’s still light years ahead of the mobile vendors. The mobile market is completely screwed up right now: while carriers know about the widespread vulnerabilities in their phones, the carriers are unwilling to patch them.”

In the quests of a different group of hackers, the mission go unlock the iPhone continues. As of recently, two passwords have been uncovered. The password to give root access is apparently “dottie” (minus quotes), and the second password, for mobile access, is “alpine”. Allegedly these passwords were found by downloading the file used by iTunes for restoring the iPhone software and running it through a simple password cracking program, . How far they get in the next few days is anyone’s guess, but you can be sure that we’ll be letting you know about it.

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