10 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Visitors are the most important element of any blog, I consider blogging without traffic is just a waste of time. Traffic determines the success of any blog; and due to the continuous failure of bloggers in increasing their blog traffic – it is the main reason why many bloggers quit blogging.

increase blog traffic fast

In this post, I’m going to share 10 ways to get a good deal of traffic to your blog. Bringing traffic to any blog is not as difficult as many bloggers think, it’s not like climbing a mountain, walking on the water or rocket science. You just need to do some hard work and have patience, and keep motivating yourself not to stop blogging even in your bad days. Traffic need time to grow, when it reaches to a sufficient height, then you just need to sit and watch your traffic climbing automatically.

So Here are the 10 ways for blog traffic:

1. Quality Content: Many of you might be thinking how contents can be the way to grow blog traffic. I’d just say let me explain this! Think yourself why people visit any blog (?) Obviously, to get quality information and help? Right? So do you think people will come to your blog, if your blog don’t provide them what they are looking for? Everyone has become smarter now, they don’t like to waste their time reading any blog which don’t have quality information, they rather prefer to go to somewhere, where they can get much better and helpful contents . You might have heard this line – “Content is king”.

2. Commenting: Commenting gives the initial traffic to any blog. It is in action from long ago; even all top bloggers, you see today, have used this method to increase their traffic in their starting days. Several bloggers underestimate the power of commenting, as they think commenting don’t have any potential to increase their blog traffic, but it’s completely wrong. Its true commenting can’t make you millionaire, but it can provide a great boost to your blog.

I am using this technique since quite a long time and I am getting good results from it. If you ask me it’s potential, then my answer would be; yes, it has potential to give you good traffic, because 1 of my single comment on Problogger.net brought me over 60 visitors in 2 days! Generally I get 10-20 or even 30 visitors from each of my comments I leave on my favorite blogs and the traffic coming from these comments are really targeted and high quality ones; which spends like 2.50 mins per visit (average). But the rule is to comment on blogs related to similar niche. I will show you exactly what I do and how I comment which brings me that much traffic from just a single comment in my next post.

3. Guest Posting: The best way to market your content and writing skill is to guest post on others blog. It gives you access to their community and also help you to establish your brand. Guest posting on do-follow blogs will give you 1-3 backlinks as a bonus with quality traffic. These backlinks will help you to improve your search engine ranking; which will indirectly boost your search engine traffic.

Getting your guest post published on A+ (Top) blogs of your niche can be a tough job and you’d have to prepare yourself for facing rejection during starting days. The key is not to get depressed by these failure but to point out what went wrong that made that blogger to reject your article and work hard to improve your writing.

The traffic coming from guest posting stay as long as 3-5 mins per visit and on an average each guest post drives 60-90 visitors, if published on a mediocre blog, on the other hand, it can even drive as much as 500-1000 visitors from a big blog. As everything has some drawbacks, it has some too, like- you’d see spike in your traffic just for 2-7 days, so secret here is to convince as many people as possible to subscribe your blog for better result.

4. Twitter: Many bloggers have understood the power of using this social site, it works great for both- new babies as well as professional bloggers. You can easily drive good number of traffic from your first day of using it. Personally I like twitter, to be honest, for its quick traffic; as whenever I tweet my post on twitter, I see a quick small spike in my traffic.

It will not work for you if you have followers count like 100 or 200; as larger the followers count you have, higher traffic you’d get from twitter. You should give it a try, not only for it’s traffic quantity, but also for the quality of it’s traffic- which is much better than several other social media sites out there. Twitter traffic generally stay for 2.50-3 mins per visit (average).

5. Facebook: According to Alexa.com facebook ranks 2nd in world for traffic, which simply mean facebook has solid and highest community among all social media sites, so facebook has the highest potential to send you traffic and spreading your brand. The best part of this source is: incoming visitors are highly targeted and stays up to 5 mins per visit.

How it works? Simply create a fan page (also called business page) for your blog on facebook and start building your community by getting more and more “LIKE” on your fan page. The more ‘like’ you get, the more people will get your update, and when any of your page follower click “share” on any of your update, then that update(or message) of yours will be sent to all of that person’s followers/friends; this will result you in huge traffic.

6. SEO: Do you want search engine traffic? Do you want to rank high for any specific keyword of your choice? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a must for you, as seo is the key for search engine traffic. Visitors coming from search engines are generally best kind of traffic if your blog earning is mainly based on PPC (Pay Per Click) income streams.  These traffics usually stay for a longer time than any other sources.

The process of search engine optimization is dived into two parts; first one is On-Page Optimization and another one is Off-Page Optimization. On-Page Optimization includes putting keyword in title, sub-titles, and content, internal linking and many more, where as, Off-Page Optimization includes building backlinks from high PageRank sites, do-follow forums, through commenting etc.

7. StumbleUpon: Do you have any plan to make your content go viral? If so, then this is the right place for you! It’s most bloggers choice, as you can get 2000-5000 visitors in just a single day with an average time of 1min per visitor. Though traffic quality is not as good as other two social media we discussed above, but if you want quantity then opt for stumbleupon blindly.

You’d find several bloggers actively building their community on stumbleupon. The higher stumblers you’d have as your friend on stumbleupon, the higher stumbles (votes) you will get for your contents and higher traffic you’d get as a result. Personally I had tried to use this social media and got some good result from it too. If you devote some time to build your profile in stumbleupon, then surely you will end up with high traffic.

8. Forums: You might have heard about forums like DigitalPoint and Warriorforums (those are just examples, you can prefer forums of your choice and of your niche). These are really great source for both traffic as well as backlinks. You can easily increase your blog’s PageRank by using do-follow forums.

Getting high number of traffic from forums depend on you, how? Higher the value you provide to other member of that forum, higher click will come to your blog. Try to be helpful and impressive by your posts on forums, and never spam it.

9. Social Networking with other bloggers: Networking with other great bloggers in your niche can really boost your blog in number of ways. You might be thinking how it can be so, here we go; suppose if you have written a nice post and after publishing, a big blogger in your niche wrote a post describing about your post, what will you get in result?

Hundreds of highly targeted visitors and a high quality backlinks? Correct! Exactly this happens when you are networking with other bloggers of your niche and most importantly you will get a friend, who will support you!

10. Digg: If you want to go viral on net, then dig can help you. When an article hits the front page of digg, it drives 20-50K and even more traffic in just 1-3 days! You will see a big, in fact a very big, spike in your traffic if one of your page hit the front page. It’s just like stumbleupon, but while submitting your own articles to digg be careful, as digg gives permission to submit your own articles, but frequently submitting only your own posts can ban your blog on digg for further submissions.

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