Sololearn for On the Go Code Practice Review

sololearn review

Like some others, learning how to code is something that I’m doing while also working full time doing something else. I like to be able to be practicing at any opportunity that I get, but for a long time I wasn’t really able to find what I had wanted in a mobile learning platform. A lot of apps about learning to program and learning programming logic generally are geared towards children, and I would like to compile my experience with those in a blog post one day, but they’re really not what I wanted or needed based on my experience and level.

A lot of apps otherwise are meant to be purchased, some I’m hoping to try out after I find some reliable reviews, or the content in the app is mostly video or audio- that isn’t necessarily bad, but I’ve been hoping for something a little more interactive and something that I didn’t necessarily require large chunks of time as a video would. I gave up for a long time but I’m glad I did a search during a particularly slow period of work today, because I think I found something that works for me!

The app that I found doing a search for “python” in the iTunes app store is one called Learn Python, which is a Python tutorial from a course database called SoloLearn. I downloaded it, started at the beginning and breezed through the first few lessons, and think that it’s something that I will probably enjoy and hopefully work all the way through as a supplement to the other ways that I’m learning to code.

It follows a course outline with broad categories and then specific lessons. So far it starts with the print function, as most courses do, and so far has moved on to how math functions work, as well as float and integer numbers. It’s review so far but it’s nice to be checked after every step to confirm knowledge before it moves on to the next concept.

Even if you’re not interested in learning from something like your iPhone or Android device, the programs are all available online as well. They have a lot of different topics that work in a similar way. I’m excited to continue with this- it’s well designed, the concepts are delivered in a way that is still effective if I have a short period of time to review, and it tracks my progress in a fun way that compares it to other users.

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